Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday is the new Friday

Okay, so I FORGOT all about the invitation until my boy mentioned to me yesterday that it was safe to R.S.V.P. because apparently P. told his mom what he had done. Now, if I could just find the invitation...

Supposed to have book group tomorrow evening. And I know that the hostess had no way of knowing that it would be Game One of the ALCS when she picked the date. As much as I had no way of knowing that it would be Game One of th ALCS when I told her I'd be there. I might, MIGHT go for a half hour, but with Beckett vs. Sabbathia - I'm doubting it.

I'm totally hooked on Kid Nation. Last week was kind of meh but last night? So, so totally great. There are some parents raising some pretty awesome kids out there. It was all about religion and worship and the kids just got it. They did. It was all bickery and cliquish (Christians Rock! and things like that) until one girl went around and just invited everyone to say a quick prayer of their choice at an impromptu service. A simple Jewish hymn/prayer sung by the fire and I was crying.

And tonight? Scheming and conniving and warrior suits (?!?!). And a visit to Philly because Dee is dating a retarded rapper and that can't be missed.

Do any of you watch Damages? I think someone does, Cat maybe? I've only seen three episodes and am struggling to keep track of it all...but the struggle is well worth it. Excellent tv. They don't seem to be rebroadcasting on the FX site so you're out of luck if you haven't caught it before now (only two episodes left) but if you see it in repeats - you must watch.

In case you can't tell - this working four days a week, at least one night and plus a few nights and weekends of hockey/soccer/archery/whatever are leaving me with ZERO motiviation to get things done after the kiddos are tucked away for the evening.

I've done a few embroidery things, but not much, not enough. I'll post some pictures tomorrow maybe. Ideas are swirling around my head off and on all day but by the time eight thirty rolls around they all run and hide behind thoughts of the next day's lunches and schedule.

I think I've posted three days IN. A. ROW. I'm getting in gear for the NaBloPoMo. I think I lasted less than a week last year. Not good, not good at all. I've got big aspirations for this November...I'll be laying my life out there so if you're having trouble sleeping or want to pretend to be working when you're not but have run out of clever bloggers to surf...This is the place for you.


SneakyPeek said...

~grabs chair and sits patiently, staring at page~

Is it November yet?

Fairly Odd Mother said...

OH you are brave to do that No----- (can never remember the name of that!). Since I'm working to get up to 1 post/week, I doubt I can do a post every day for a month. But, it does sound like fun and I'll be trying to keep up with my reading!

Amy said...

I will LOVE November then if not for my 50,000 looming word count, but for you blogging every day!

And I'm so trying to get my boy to love baseball right now. He's getting it, but he's not cheering yet. By the end of the World Series, when, well, I dare not say it,...he'll cheer.

Anyway, no book club is worth missing the playoffs, and I'm a bookaholic!

Anne said...

Wow. I can just hear your accent. (Yes I think you have one.) ...i'm from the midwest and i don't think we do.

Anne said...

Ok...just to clarify that last comment which seems to have fallen out of nowhere... i thought your insights into tv and extracurricular activities was really funny. I am not into sports though, but I used to get tips from my husband so I could go into work and make it with the boys.

Jennifer said...

I heard about Kid Nation from a friend. Haven't seen it though.. never heard of the other shows you mentioned though.

I can totally relate to the swirling thoughts though. And frustrating as it is the next day when I have the thoughts all sorted out, I forget to actually do them because I'm off doing or thinking about something else. Ieyieie. * I hate spelling that sound * :)