Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Well, my husband came home and trumped me on the hotness of Saturday. He spent the day stripping the roof off his parent's garage and re-roofing it. Hewinshewinshewins.

I'm tempted not to blog on something near and dear to me, in a worry that I might jinx it.

But here goes anyway....




The Sox. How can you NOT love them? I guess there are a few people out there who don't love them or even worse, especially if you live in New England, don't care. And those people probably have a lot more spare time than I do, starting Friday. Whatevah, it is so sweet to be a loyal follower of this team. I didn't know it was possible but I think I love Jonathan Papelbon even more now.

(I know this is a week or so old but I love the man hug at the end)

And if you're a yankee fan? Hahahhahahahahaha.

Moving on.

There's another team over here in my neck of the woods that's not doing so badly either...
Tom Brady's quarterback rating is wicked high right now and Randy Moss? Randy Moss is the answer to my prayers. And probably Tom Brady's prayers too but this isn't his blog. And in fantasy football - apparently when you take Donte Stallworth and Ben Watson off your active roster that will virtually guarantee that they will have stellar performances. S'okay with me. Next week is the matchup of my two all time favorite teams....Patriots vs. Cowboys. My girlie's birthday is Sunday too. We're supposed to host some family for cake and ice cream....ergh.

And last but certainly not least - some youth hockey news. The husband's/son's team is undefeated. It's fairly early in a long season but wins = happy parents. So, for now, things are good. But the kids are skating well and seem to be enjoying themselves. Well, as much as you can enjoy mountain drills and such.. but wins = happy kids too. The coach is STILL not sleeping the night before a game, which makes for a long day when the game is at 5:00 p.m. Oh well, wins = happy coach.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Did you happen to see the Indians-Yankees game last night? Did you see Shelley Duncan crying? There's no crying in baseball! =P

I noticed your team & that you benched Stallworth & Watson just to have them come up big. Same thing happened to me with Maurice Jones-Drew.

Speaking of big matchups this week. You ready to rumble? =D

Amy said...

I actually lost my fantasy match up last weekend. Why you ask? Cause I didn't play Sammy Morris. DUH AMY!! Ah well, I'm 4-1 now so it's all good.

And oh yeah, am I just a little bit excited that the yanks lost last night? OH YEAH!!!


Anonymous said...

There are people who don't care? I don't know any of those people. I just wish I had bought some furniture at Jordans. Dammit!

jenny said...

Dawn - yep, watched the Indians & Yankees on Friday. So sad. Or not. I did feel a eensy bit of sympathy for Torre though...Steinbrenner is an ass.

Amy - I figure if I take those guys out and they play great...that's alright too. Morris, with no Maroney, should be a good bet. And you're doing way better than me (2-3) because I had too much Patriot love and left Watson & Stallworth in for the first few weeks. I'm a fool for love :)

Em - There ARE people who don't care. Actually, one of them could be reading this as we speak. (hey SP!). I heard some people talking about the Jordan's deal at soccer the other night, I had forgotten all about it. What a bonus ~ World Series Champs AND free furniture - too cool.