Wednesday, October 03, 2007

There is some major DeLurk mojo going around the internet today

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

So, for all one of you lurking on this here's time to De. As in DE-Lurk.

Last night was the daughter's open house. Our sixth consecutive year at this elementary school. The only thing we haven't seen, or rather, my husband hasn't seen is her classroom. It's even the same gym teacher that my husband had in Middle School. My son just likes going in hopes that he'll see his friends and then he gets to check out his mural and his plaque. Which is all good until you go to look for the plaque and find out that they've taken it down so that they can bring it to a meeting tomorrow night. Did I mention that because there is virtually no parking at the school that we have to be bussed in? Great fun, that.

And Thursday we do it all again for the boy. Different school though, this one is my husband's old middle school and I'm betting there's at least one teacher there from his formative years.

Tonight I get to sit at a school committee meeting where, if I speak up, I will be in an otherwise silent minority. They're looking to get an override so they can move the kindergarten up to full-day and move the third graders over to an intermediate school. And then they tack on the 'we don't have enough money for copy paper and books' line. So, basically, if you approve one you approve both...the 'in for a dime in for a dollar mentality'. I don't buy in to all of this foolishness, the school department has been less than forthcoming with their accounting and since they've already taken a half million dollars from town to cover this year's operating costs...well, I'm not giving them (willingly anyway) another dime.

Boring enough for you? You poor de-lurkers, I'm sorry. You come here and all I give you is town politics and stuff about open houses. No wonder you lurk.


blackbird said...

Everyday reader - sometimes a lurker...usually on the sports posts.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I don't lurk. I ramble incessantly. Sometimes even more than on my own blog. =P

C'mon lurkers! Come out & play!

SneakyPeek said...

If the school proceeds with all day kindergarten it will mean more state funding for your town next year, which is probably why they are advocating for it.

I am so not a lurker, I comment. :-)

Amy said...

I'm not a lurker, although I don't always comment, I admit.

But Kindergarten SHOULD be all day and schools need to find new ways to come up with money or deal with what they have cause I'm tired of saying it's public school so it's free, but then you're PTO'ed to death with fundraisers.

Oh, yeah, sorry, stepped on that 'ol soap box, didn't I?

Anne said...

Hmmm we've been trying to get a new highschool for at least 5 years. Nobody wants to pay for it. My husband used to be on the schoolboard, i was a big volunteer. Can't say i miss it. Cheers from Minnesota.

Jennifer said...

Hi I'm Jennifer and I've been a lurker of yours for about four years :)

Full day kindergarten is dumb. They're too little to go through that. Seeing how my son has differed from last year is perfect example.

I'm the grade one rep this year for our school council. Don't think for a minute I won't raise my otherwise quite voice to fight for something I'm against ;)

It's sorta neat isn't it that your kids go to the same school as their dad did? My son goes to the school I went to and my mom also went there! Of course I'm pretty certain there is no teachers from those days left.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Full-day kindergarten??? I don't get that at all. Yeah, I think that if the school departments laid out where all the money goes, people would be more willing to give them more. I don't think people really want to underpay teachers, it's the question of where else the money is going.

Oh, and I'm delurking a day late! Sorry!

catsteevens said...

I'm late. I'm de-lurking even though I don't really lurk. I comment...well, most of the time I comment, but I definitely don't lurk.