Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So I'm wrapping a package to be sent thru the mail and I find what I'm assuming is the last of a roll of that brown shipping paper (which, btw I love). I cut a nice piece out and flip it over to lay the package on it. I have apparently cut off the right foot of my daughter as this was the paper she had used to have her body traced at Daisy Scouts. gah.

My husband has warned me of the troubles he might have taking a week off this year because his employer views the layoff as his extended vacation (very generous, no?). This year is our ten year anniversary and I've been talking of the week long family vacation for at least a year or two now. My husband is skeptical but says he will ask...I told him to tell the guy that if he doesn't give him a week off at some point this year that he will have to do without my husband for more than a week because his crazy wife was promised, PROMISED this vacation to celebrate our ten year anniversary and well, she might well kill him. And dead is not very effective when operating heavy equipment.

But as he is thankful to be one of the two operators hired back at this point if we are told uh-uh, no way we will accept it and whine in the privacy of our own home (or blog~sorry people, but there will be whining). There are rumors of massive downsizing, the work force cut in half, at this company due to the legal mess they are in. We feel, regardless of this messy mess that he's best to stick with them. Taking the view of lose your good paying, like to do it, enjoy your coworkers job now or lose it later...we'll take our chances and he'll continue on.

And I'll end with a very important question...why are people still buying those pants for their daughters with words like 'cheer' pasted across the butt? ick.

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