Wednesday, February 08, 2006

For Lisa. A picture of my super secret dog, Baxter.

The other day Jennifer posted about the seemingly sudden whamo of babies appearing here in blogville. They're here in Southern New England too. My sister in law and one of my best friends are both expecting. Two new little babies coming my way. For a minute or two, I get a little wistful, a slight pang of baby envy. And then it hits me. Which do I want more a baby or an Ipod? And when the answer is an Ipod ~ that's when you know you should be done having babies.

Just sent out the book club email notice. We're up to two members out of about twenty that I find, well...awful. And guess who were the second and third people to respond....You betcha. Ack. Well, take the good with the bad I guess.

The boy is wanting to sign up for lacrosse. Does anyone know anything about this sport? My only recollection is a high school boyfriend who used to end up bruised and bloody after a game. I have a feeling the 8 year old group won't play so rough, but I'm curious now...

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