Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I didn't want to like Gray's Anatomy but I do. Alot.

I don't want to like the Bachelor and I almost never watch it. But when I remember it's on I'm there.

I don't want to like those Jack Johnson Curious George songs. But I love that funny little voice of his. Jack's not the monkey.

And it's Valentines Day.

I've begun shunning this holiday in the interest of self preservation. Gifts bought with a sigh at the very last minute should, in my opinion, not be bought at all. I do not like hearing "Oh, are we doing Valentine's Day this year? but I don't have..., I didn't get...".

Enough of that.

We are celebrating with heart shaped pancakes and a treasure hunt with clues like:

It’s big, heavy and black
And the things inside stink
We are always lugging it
Back and forth from the rink.

If you guessed the son's hockey bag you've totally caught on. At least we are supposed to do the treasure hunt...the son was a little, ehem, demanding this morning. Treating me as hired help instead of the woman who stays up late at night making up rhyming clues so they can run like madmen to find their boxes of conversation hearts and such. Ah, love.

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