Friday, February 03, 2006

Six more weeks of this. This apparently is winter in New England this year. See that mini patch of snow? That's gone now too. *sigh*

Now this? This is winter.

And Survivor...the new four team format...I like it. There was none of that which tribe was he on? confusion. By this point there is no way I can remember most of their names though...they are still Creepy Writer Guy, Chain Smoker and Green Sweatshirt Cleavage Girl. Remembering names is still weeks away.

The Older Women tribe, so disappointing with voting Tina out. And then all that "wow she's off by herself ~ she's so weird, why would she want to sit by herself????" Then cut to Tina and she's crying about her son (oh, survivor editiors ~ how do I love thee?). And honestly, who wouldn't want to sit by themselves after spending the last few days cooped up with a leaf phobic and crazy dead eyed braid lady. Foolish women. I hope they kind of feel like jackasses. Keep the woman who told wannabe survivors to stay on the couch. Brilliant strategy. Jeff Probst is becoming a master of stating the obvious. Ahhhh, Thursdays.

Shit. I just checked the Survivor website. And one of the older women? Is two years younger than me. I'm not crazy about that.

Superbowless Sunday coming up this weekend.

On the bright side? Spring Training is coming up no matter what that groundhog predicts.

The book I chose for my bookclub, well it was from a random list of books that have been recommended to me over the past year. Anyway - I read the rundown on Amazon and it doesn't sound like anything I remember ever hearing of before.

On the bright side? Sounds like it might be good.

My precious 4Runner was backed into today at a stoplight. By a linguica truck.

On the bright side? The damage is limited to the front bumper. We think.

I'm begging off on the Show and Tell this week. My purse is ugly and in the car. Its ugliness is no incentive for me to run out and get it. Next week, with the lamps? I'm in.

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WendyWings said...

The most annoying thing with the older woman is that Jeff has been talking up Mrs I am afraid of leaves big time in pre show interviews.
She MIGHT grow on you as the season progresses just saying ;)