Friday, February 17, 2006

Survivor, Spring Training and 216 hours of FUN!

I had forgotten that February vacation began this afternoon at 3:20 p.m. Maybe denial isn't the exact same thing as forgetting but either way... I was surprised when my son came home skipping and singing a diddy about his 216 hours of vacation. ( Nine times twelve is one hundred and eight times two is two hundred sixteeeeeen ~ there's no real tune just sing along however you'd like)

Survivor last night...

I saw this picture over in Petroville and thought...PERFECT!

I thought Bruce was kind of cool until the brag-o-rama started, with the t-shirt water filtration "oh, this is the best one yet" stuff. And then slam, back you go to Exile Island. Hang ten Brucey.

Shane is a bit grating. The little alliance, oh how they HATE each other. Which is perfect. What I hate is when someone (i.e. Shane) annoys the crap out of someone else (Firedancer girl) and then that someone else proceeds to bad mouth him LOUDLY to any, including Shane, who were within hearing range. Um, shut up david letterman sideshow girl.

The sand wrestling match was kind of funny, with the body slamming and whatnot. I was kind of surprised that the girls seemed to be tougher fighters than the men. Watching dead eyed RuthMarie (or is it Ruth Ann? - it's Ruth something or other) get swung around by Bobby was good tv.

I had no real opinion about the girl they voted out. Misty, I think. meh. whatever, it's too early to care about most of them.

On OLN (outdoor life network) they're showing repeats of Survivor All Stars. I was actually loserish enough to be heard saying "oh, look it's Colby" "Aw, Boston Rob & Amber...look how cute" and "Oh, wow...remember Ethan...yeah, me neither". Like they were old friends. cripes.

We're still watching Little House on the Prairie. They must've taped like 756 episodes per season. I feel like I'm always getting them in from netflix and still, just tonight, we started season two. In which Mary gets glasses. I found it interesting that the optometrist said her eyes were fine, no troubles at all - except for needing glasses. Dude, she goes BLIND, in like, less than a year. Pah, 1800's medicine.

In real life, Laura Ingalls' sister Mary did go blind. Just a spot of useless (or not) trivia information.

Some one at work gave me that James Frey book to read. I'm thinking why bother?

Pitchers and Catchers report tomorrow. The Red Sox now have a center fielder that sounds suspiciously like a box of cereal in my cabinet. I have great hopes for you Coco Crisp. I am sending bad mojo Johnny Damon's way and am hoping that Mr. Crisp has us asking 'Johnny who?' by the middle of May.

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