Monday, February 27, 2006

five crappy ways to start your week

1. Realizing at bedtime that you left your favorite pillow and pillowcase at the hotel.

2. Getting a notice today at daycare that the girlie's school will be closing on April 1st and that we can bring her to their other center, five miles and one school district away. Child care plans for the fall *poof* ~ gone.

3. Remembering that *ack* I'm hosting my book club this Friday. As in four days. Must try to fit actual reading time into this week's schedule.

4. Downloading all of the hockey tournament photos into my computer this morning only to be unable to find the file where I thought they were one minute later.

Okay, so it's only four. Or maybe five because it was, like five degrees this morning. And that's stinky too.

But on the bright side the hockey tournament was a blast. At least for the boy. And I'll be back later to post about it.

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