Friday, March 16, 2007

Right Now

I am blogging, figuring a way to get out of cooking dinner and am quietly amazed that the kids are so anxious for our annual St. Patties Day traditions.

My son is playing Runescape during his break from writing yet another book report (Daniel Boone biography: pick five things important to the character, write a paragraph about each of them and bring in an example of each item - only two can be pictures)

My girlie is making St. Patrick's Day decorations with entirely too much glue and glitter but she is happy and quiet and will enjoy using my little dustbuster type thing to suck up the mess.

My husband is FINALLY making the daughter's bed. It's going to be a captain's bed (I think) with four large and two small drawers underneath Plus a cabinet door that will access a narrow space behind the drawers. I figure I'll put the wrapping supplies back there. With an 1100 square foot house storage options must be creative. Every bed we saw in the stores was just not quite right...drawers not deep enough, shoddy construction, ugly finish, four drawers when she really needs six...did I mention she shares her closet with some of our stuff (we have no closet) and the vacuum? She needs six drawers. He's using maple, which he likes to work with and I like to look at.

It's snowing here least it's supposed to. Now it's just windy flurries, barely accumulating. The kids haven't had a snow day all year so today I let the boy stay home (in all fairness he was coughing and looked kind of tired??) and the girlie should be leaving in fifteen minutes...not sure what's happening there. She's missed alot of school recently and she should go but it's kindergarten. And somehow the house just feels better with her in it.


Lisa said...

Sounds like the bed will be nice. I would love to have more dresser space.

Also sounds like mom needs a day with her kids. Enjoy them and have fun! I'm doing the same... and, well... reading the Internet. :)

blackbird said...

I hope you didn't send her!

Jennifer said...

You're so lucky to have a handy husband like that! Can't wait to see pictures :)

You're so nice to give the kids a snowday. We've been on March Break here all week. It's back to school Monday. Connor can't wait to show all his friends he lost his first tooth :)

Amy said...

aww, feels like home!! How is it that we've had a snow day and three delays and you haven't had ONE?! Oh right, you guys are actually better prepared than we ever will be.