Sunday, March 25, 2007


I'm back.

They WON!

Next week is the Championship Game for the entire conference. You can bet we've got our fingers crossed.

Must go. The girlie is trying to sleep but is coughing her brains out. I just didn't want to be accused of making you wait a WEEK for the results or anything *clears throat - looks at SP*.


SneakyPeek said...

YIPEEEEE!!!! (ignores glance)

I was dying to know how it all turned out.

Can't wait to hear the details. Don't forget to mention the Luau too.

Jennifer said...

:) Congrats!!!

Sorry the girlie isn't feeling well. Go grab the buckleys!

Sarah Louise said...

Woo hoo!!

Get well, girlie!!

And an "atta girl" for Mama!!

My vw is dampcd. I wonder if they mean compact disc or certificate of deposit...

Amy said...

Wooohooo!!! This is so exciting!!!

Amy said...

Oh, and I would SO be there if I could!!