Thursday, March 22, 2007

1. James/Rocky/Droopy Eyed Drama Queen Malcontent.

I am thinking it is early in the game for these men, although I use that term loosely, to be keeping him around because no member of ANY jury would ever vote for him. He disgusted me. I was hoping, with all the editorial foreshadowing, that he would be the one to go. He should have been the one to go. But the "men" were lacking a body part that would typically define them as such (read: BALLS) and they voted for Anthony. Whose only fault was not telling J/R/DEDQM to go fuck himself - which would have gained him what? Respect? Yeah, maybe in the movies. I did want to shake him and say "Don't you put one more goddamned log on that fire" because cripes almighty - but I don't see that ass taking that as his wake up call to treat Anthony with more respect, to change his entire personality from that of a complete moronic hypocrite to someone with one iota of decency. Not when he has the cameras and the other boys to show off for. And Jeff, goading him into fighting back...not sure I liked that either.

2. Okay, Red Sox. Papelbon, Papelbot, wow, not much sexier than a guy who knows how to throw a ball like that whatever you want to call him. Starter? Closer? I'd love to see him start, it seems that's what he'd like too. But. Ninth Inning, one run lead...who better to come in and shut another team down? Tavares? Not on your life. The mere thought leaves me queasy. But freaking who else is there? Timlin? Bwahahaha. I don't think he's got enough good innings in him per season to have that job full time.

And Matsusaka? The man can throw. Many, many pitches. So many pitches Varitek needs both hands for signals. I am a bit giddy about this.

3. There is a fourth and fifth grade luau at the boy's school this weekend. And some, not really sure how many...have dates. My boy is NOT among the hormonal crowd as of yet. His best friend, however, is. Some stricter parents are not letting their kids attend because of all the pairing up - I'm not going that route because my guess is that it's going to be a lot of boys hanging out with boys and girls with girls and there won't be all that much to worry about. But. I may go and play hall monitor with a friend of mine. I hate to over parent and I'm really not too concerned about the boy - girls are way more trouble than they're worth to him at this point. But I want to know what everyone else is doing so we can have a bit of a conversation here and there about it. In the past weeks I've heard of a few fourth grade boys that have actual fourth grade girlfriends. They go to the movies, the mall. Actual outings. Huh? Is it just me? Is this acceptable? I'm saying a big fat 'no it ain't' but maybe I'm out of the loop. No. I'm not. I'm just kind of blown away that other parents are letting their babes grow up so fast, too fast.

So. That's it. I'm off to conference with the boy's teacher since I haven't even seen her since the open house in September and she's not scheduled any parent/teacher conferences with me so far (I set this one up). She did write on his report card that she's concerned she's not seeing his best work. Um. His quarterly report card? How come I haven't heard about this before? Ergh. I also get to discuss the teacher that gives my son a stomach ache because she keeps them so long they have to run through the empty halls to catch their bus.


blackbird said...

1. Rocky is an ASSHOLE.
2. Don't know nothing about sports.
3. 4th and 5th grade is WAY too young for boy/girlfriends.
4. Stand firm at that conference.You should have heard about her concerns earlier.

~**Dawn**~ said...

watching the game online right now. big announcement supposedly coming after the game!

cross. your. fingers!!

cady said...

i am with you on survivor. i can't stand rocky, and he really turned me off last night. i was hoping they would vote him off.

Amy said...

I watched Survivor last night when I got home (at 10pm) just in case you talked about it today. UGH! With Rocky!! It's LATER IN THE GAME that you keep the morons (which they never do), not now!! Anthony held his own around camp, was likeable, peacekeeping and quiet. What's not to love!? Man, keep him around. I thought for sure they were going to vote Rocky off and was so disappointed when they didn't. Well, it'll sure be different when Lisi or whatever her grouchy name is comes back!!

2. Oh, I just love how you wrote this section. Especially the "Veritek needs both hands for signals" line. LOVED that. I'll admit, I haven't seen any of the games (yet) and I dropped out of fantasy baseball before it even started (whew) but I am excited about the season.

c. (if you can't follow my counting scheme, you never watched Mad About You). If I could take Papelbon to the fourth grade luau I would. I admit it. My son is in fifth, still thinks girls are gross and I'm all in support of that "Yes they are, LM. Stay away!!" I don't see why a school would even have such a dance at that age. Middle school is early enough.

and finally, the teacher conference. We had similar issues. Report card comes home, says incomplete work. WHAT?! Love finding such things out that way. And the teachers have email, it's not like it's HARD to drop you a quick note.

Wow, I think my comment was longer than your post. Oops

Sarah Louise said...

I had my first crush in third grade. I blame it on my intro to pop music. I had my first "boyfriend" in fifth grade. But truly, the only time we saw each other (except at church?) was when our parents went out for dinner and we had our own separate table. We sent each other anonymous Valentines. But we went to different schools...and my mom must have had similar thoughts about the "too young" b/c she never told me that my anonymous Valentine was from him until we moved away.

So...I don't know if that answers anything...