Thursday, March 08, 2007

The garbage disposal dog is in for surgery today. He had this cyst/tumor that had to be removed toot sweet and so back to the vet's he went. We also found out he has lyme disease, so we started antibiotic-ing him for that too. They're going to biopsy his lump and, I guess, find out if it's cancer. Which, as I set sail on the river denial, I cannot even comprehend.

Did I mention he also eats the carrot noses right off of a snowman's face? Yeah, well he does. Plus he actually eats the snowmen if you don't stack up the snowman parts fast enough.

Barring any troublesome medical treatments for the dog, I am wanting to plan a weekend away. With the kids, I suppose. Unless I can finagle a girl's weekend somehow. I'm getting cabin fever - it's either cold or frigidly cold up here, with no snow and when it does warm up a bit? It. Is. Muddy.

The husband's layoff is coming to an end, hopefully in the next few weeks. He has gotten so much done. NOT.

He's made two shutters for the shed, which are nice enough and look like we could've ordered them out of this catalog. But. When I orginally saw them in that catalog, I thought that even I could put something like that together. If I were so inclined. But I'm not, I wasn't and he was laid off. So he made two. Oh so productive. But they are kind of nice so I guess I won't say too much. Yeah, right.


~**Dawn**~ said...

look at that puppy face. hope everything turns out all right...

Amy said...

ooh, here's to hoping that all is well with the pooch. Sad sad sad.

I'm all up for a girl's getaway!! LOL

Jennifer said...

Maybe the lump is just a bottle cap, or barbie shoe or something that went missing? Certainly hope it's not the C word.

I'm only 8 hours away! You can come visit me. Kids or no kids. We still have LOTS of snow and it's warming up :)

Sarah Louise said...

What a cute dog! I hope everything work outs well.