Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And blah blah blah with more hockey

So first I'll apologize because well, enough with the hockey already.

But it's the busiest time of the season. Playoffs, extra ice time, tryouts and now somehow it has come to pass that our 1000 square foot home is the place to be on the weekends. Got a few hours to kill between practices? You'll find six boys in our living room in the midst of a knee hockey tournament and three dads and a mom or two in the kitchen with me whipping up grilled cheese and something or other I either pull out of the freezer or out of the stuff people, very thoughtfully, stop and pick up. No plans on Wednesday afternoon (this would be the prison guard/third shift working coach and my waiting to go back to work husband)? Give us a call, we can hang out. Do our early evening practices leave you feeling like you've got nowhere to really go but still want to have some pizza/soup/chili/beer? Swing on by.

The tryouts did go well. The boy made the B team easily and was what we call "on the bubble" for the A. Meaning, while he didn't make the As, he's one of three kids who will be evaluated again in the fall. They'll be checking out more than three kids this fall but not too many more and with two open spots left on the team for just this occasion, well, he's still got a shot.

Either way, proud of the kid.

But. Coach called. He told my husband to put in his application to coach the B team. This year's coach was still skating the kids around cones in February, not practicing plays...just a mess. He says they're looking to change up the coach and that my dear darling betrothed should apply - he'd be a good fit.

Great news?

Sort of. In the next breath he tells my husband that in the fall he'll be given a list of five or so names of kids that could fill those two spots. And if the boy is on the list? He'll take him and my husband will be coaching a team that his son doesn't play for. Maybe not a huge deal in some sports but in a 32 week season it's a big commitment. Especially if it means missing his games or a tournament. Last year's coach has already put in an application and no one else has stepped up...so it could be a crummy coach if the husband doesn't apply. Not a recipe for a fun year.

Our other concern is that my boy will get automatically taken off the list if his dad is coaching another team. Thinking that they're doing us a favor, maybe. Not sure how it would work at this point. Holding him back, while it wouldn't kill him, isn't really the compromise we want to make.

The husband & the coach are going to hang out tomorrow afternoon and discuss the options.

Why can't it ever be easy?


Sarah Louise said...

There can never be enough hockey...besides! We just learned in da Burgh that our b'loved Pens aren't going anywhere (for at least 30 years). Woo hoo! I haven't seen a full game since the Winter Olympics, so I'm just taking hockey wherever I can get scraps of it. Good luck with the talks--it sounds so OFFICIAL with rules--like the Hockey Summit of aught seven.

Go Pens!

SneakyPeek said...

You lost me at blah, blah, blah more hockey.

Oh wait!

I have a dirty diaper to change.


Jennifer said...

Congrats to the boy on making the B team.

Sounds like a very complicated situation. Hope it all works out well.