Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Hat Trick of Sorts

Good news - the dog, the cancer...they removed the entire lump and no other treatment is needed. Wahoo!

Of course, we're still treating him for the lyme disease he's got and he's still wearing the collar so he doesn't scratch open the wound...but pffft...that's nothing.

2nd Wahoo! My husband got the call to go back to work starting the first week of April. Not that we won't miss him but I can reclaim my space again in two short weeks.

He's gotten a decent amount of work done on the girl's bed...I'll have to get a picture or two. He might be taking it to his dad's to assemble it - the inlaws have a big cellar and he's going to need some space to work on it (trim boards and such). It's going to weigh a ton, not sure how he's planning to transport it.

3rd Wahoo! The boys grades have gone through the roof. He was doing well before and now? He's doing really well. Plus the girlie is starting to read the easiest of chapter books. It is music to my ears.


blackbird said...


vw bug said...

Sounds like good news all around!

Jennifer said...

So nice to read a bunch of good news. :)

Amy said...

Wow, three wahoos!!! That's awesome all around!!!

Lisa said...

Good news, all around. :)

What chapter books are you reading? My daughter's grade is having a "reading month" where they have to read 15 books. Some kids are up to 80 plus books already. I don't know how they do it. ergh.