Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I suppose it's called insomnia. It's after two a.m. and I'm not a bit tired.

I just finished watching a movie (12 and Holding) and I'm contemplating watching some Battlestar Galactica on the iPod - so as not to wake anyone.

We had a surprise four inches of snow tonight. Which, after this snowless winter - I don't really mind. It's sitting on top of the two inches of solid ice that froze up last Friday. It's perfect snowball/snowman snow...I'm hoping it doesn't rain tonight (this morning?) and ruin it.

I want to be tired not bored and antsy.

Last week I wasn't paying attention and put an earring in the second holes in one of my ears. I haven't worn the whole two earring thing in, let's say, at least ten years. Okay, well now that long neglected earlobe is freaking killing me. I've never had an sort of pierced ear infection and now? I think I do. WTF.

See, how boring and yet chatty I am? Be glad you aren't here...I would be talking nonsense while you did your best to stay awake and humor me. Or you would fall asleep and I would be awake and resentful.

Yeah, so I'm already resentful because you all are sleeping. And I? Am not.


~**Dawn**~ said...

i was restless last night too. luckily i did manage to get to sleep, but i've been there before. i hate knowing i *should* be tired, yet i'm... just not.

Amy said...

Those sorts of nights I wish I could do all kinds of housework, maybe only because I know I CAN'T. I mean, people are sleeping, so the vaccum is out, (right?) I feel for you, I really do.

And about the ear - that bites!!

Angie said...

I am in such need of spring. I am tired of cold and snow.