Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You'd think I'd be over the whole dog missing thing. It's been six months now.

This was the first year we've been able to put candy canes on the tree.
He'd eat them off the tree, once knocking it over to get at those pepperminty treats. All the salt dough ornaments disappeared mysteriously a few years ago too.

The first year we could put presents under the tree before Christmas Eve if we had decided on that course.
He'd open them while we were gone and leave them unwrapped on the floor for the kids to see.

The first year our tree hasn't died within a few short weeks.
He'd get thirsty and drink all the tree water leaving it bone dry after we had just filled it.

On Easter I'll be able to hide the eggs the night before instead of outisde at the asscrack of dawn without worrying that he'd eat a dozen eggs before the kids have a chance to find them. Generally I spent Easter morning following the dog around the yard calling him, trying to distract him while the kids and HE searched for that one last egg.

But I missed filling his stocking this year.

I still wait to hear his bark when someone pulls into the driveway.

A quick movement, an out of place shadow...I still think I see him sometimes out of the corner of my eye sometimes.

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Mig said...

... and his spirit lives on ...

when I pull up ... I expect to see him too.