Saturday, January 03, 2009

This was supposed to be the Organization Vacation.

The kids had two long weeks off. I had two days of work over the entire two week period. My husband, being laid off and working sporadically, had about the same.

I was going to clean the kids rooms out, clean our room out. Conquer the eaves behind our bedroom and make a few trips to Goodwill.

I managed to clean out my daughter's closet. I went into the eaves behind our bedroom and sort of semi-organized it. As well as you can semi-organize something that is basically a tunnel like crawl space with no place to turn around and entirely too much crap. Only it isn't crap. It's our stuff. My Eskimo doll from Alaska. My dad's old coins. A bin of pictures. A bin of books. It's not going anywhere so it just gets reshuffled according to what I think I might need next.

So basically I went O-fer. Getting one job half done - the closet. And one job - the eaves - I just pretended to do.

Instead of Organization - it has been the Pajama Vacation. Days spent in pajamas, only to get changed into clean pajamas after dinner. Trying to fit in all of our errands first thing in the morning so we can rush home and re-pajama.

Absolute perfection.

I know there's two days left of vacation and I could try to get some stuff done. And I may.

But I wouldn't count on it.


Jen on the Edge said...

I had ambitious plans for our two weeks off -- and I have gotten some stuff done -- but I'm finding that I was just so exhausted from the fall that I needed the rest more than anything.

blackbird said...

The good thing about NOT planning on organizing ANYTHING in our home during my time off is that I haven't disappointed myself.

Amy said...

Ah, organization is truly overrated (unless you're Mig and then, well, it's an obsession, but shhhh, don't tell her I said so).

And a job half done is better than none done at all, so voila! You're accomplished.

Besides which, being in your pajamas 24/7 is critical to a great vacation!

(I'm still on Facebook, being attacked my high school friends I never wanted to speak to again!)