Sunday, January 04, 2009

I love hockey but sometimes I wish he just played golf

This is nothing. Just a vent.

I saw my kid get leveled tonight at the rink.

A hit from behind. Boarding. Normally that's a five minute major and a possible suspension but because the time keeper had mistakenly stopped the clock with 4.9 seconds left - the freaking game was in actuality OVER, the refs waved off the penalty and they didn't write the kids name down on the score sheet.

My boy was against the boards digging the puck out of the corner and the other player skated full force at him and nailed him in the back. R's head whipped forward and slammed into the glass. Hard. And then he just sort of slid down the boards. It was right in front of us so as a bonus I got to see the look on his face during the entire incident. Oh, and the sound it makes when your 75 pound son gets hit against the boards like this? Still hearing it.

Granted, he got right back up - within a second or two - and skated to the handshake line but my stomach was sick. Never mind the fact that I wanted to go all mama bear on the other kid. I hate dirty hits. Hate. Them.

My boy came out of the locker room half dressed to see me and say hello to his grandparents. The minute he saw me his eyes welled up and he hugged me and told me that his head really, REALLY hurt. A hug? In front of his teammates and their parents? You know it's bad.

He went back to the locker room and apparently he was joking around and laughing with everyone and within minutes he told me he felt better. None of the coaches even suspected he was hurt, at all - his father included.

It's been a few hours. We watched him tonight, he seems fine - he says he feels fine but damn, I certainly don't.


blackbird said...

I can feel it - in the pit of my stomach...

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oh Jen, I can't imagine. I hope he's ok and continues to be ok.