Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not wanting to be left out of any possible concussion action we had going on last weekend my daughter clonked her head while sledding.

Never mind the fact that, when asked both she and the neighbor girl said that they would be right next to the neighbor girl's house and would under NO circumstances be sledding down the slope to the pond.

Lies, all lies.

What my daughter clonked her head on turned out to be a different neighbor's dock. As in, on the shore of the pond. At an entirely different house.

There was bleeding and tears and ice packs but within a few minutes they had invited her back over to watch a movie. I sent her, in her pajamas, with popcorn and drinks. And a giant lump on her head.

We were fortunate that it was the side of her head, that she didn't hit harder, that she didn't go far enough out onto the Pond as to fall in. There were a few conversations this week about honesty and keeping yourself out of dangerous situations. Not at all sure how much of it sunk in, apparently she's got a pretty thick skull.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

OH, yike. Glad she is ok. I hate when my kids are not trustworthy---it sort of tips my world sideways for a while.

lilfootsmommy said...

Oh wow, that's scary. I fear those days coming **sigh**

~**Dawn**~ said...

I'm very glad she was ok, on all possible scenarios, but I have to admit that closing statement just cracked me up!