Thursday, January 08, 2009

Snow. And Christmas. And a Show.

The Mice Before Christmas from Jenny on Vimeo.

Here she is. My elf. I am still willing myself to forget how much the whole affair cost us but damn, she shore is cute.

Snow! Here's the girlie getting pelted by her brother.

And here he is getting his payback.

And you get this one just because I love it.

We're supposed to be trying to get the Christmas Card shot but they have to get some of this out of their system first. See that yellowish/fake front tooth of his? Well, that week he bit into a pretzel and broke it right off. So now he's got a new shiny white tooth in there. Until the next time.
Here's the shot I would've probably used.
If I ever got around to getting them printed for the cards.Here's a semi-blurry shot of the tree. I have a clear one but when I just uploaded I picked the wrong picture. Sorry, no do-overs tonight. The Christmas decoration pictures were supposed to be part of Jen's Open House. Jenny=Fail.
Christmas Morning. They're eleven and eight and still not even one complaint about the matching pajamas. I had to take the waist on my son's pajamas in at ten p.m. on Christmas Eve but other than that? Success!


Mig said...

The video is AWESOME!

Jen on the Edge said...

Very, very, very cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the dimples on your girlie - too cute. The pictures of them together are priceless. I can't even get my three to stand together and look, let along smile so sweetly! Best part of the video (besides that little side-to-side dance) the person sitting with you laughing at at the parts I was laughing at. Very very cute.

Amy said...