Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year

Okay, so I've got no idea what a feed reader is but I'm thinking it updates when I do - so I guess, phew, because I've been gone for awhile and I'm fairly sure no one is checking back here too much by now.

I tried Facebook for a day or two. Fail.

The kids started the New Year with a definitely New Englandish dish....A pie plate filled with freshly fallen snow mixed with maple syrup. Actually, they started the new year snuggled on the couch with me watching the ball drop but we all faded pretty quickly after seeing some of the acts on the Rockin new year's eve special. Horrible stuff, that.

We hunkered in yesterday during the snow, playing some games and making pizzas. My husband told my daughter (who had never made it until midnight before) that the whole world stops for just a second or two at midnight. And that it hurts less if you freeze in place for a few seconds. The boy? Jumps right on the lie bandwagon freezing like a stone at midnight and trying to freak her out, although to her credit...she didn't believe a word.

Until today. When her lovely mother asked her if she froze (to which she replied that she hadn't) I may have said something like, well then - everything will always be a few seconds late for you this year...your birthday, Christmas...only a few seconds but if you don't freeze next year, they'll add up.

She totally bought it (what is WRONG with me?) and got all worried. I only let it go for a half a second because I could see her brother ready to jump on my lie bandwagon and the poor girl would've been worried to pieces. Really, it's a wonder my kids are normal.

Today? Our friends brought over a prime rib so we could watch the NHL Winter Classic in style. And High-Def. Seeing as they have regular DEF and according to the guys? It just doesn't compare.

They're right, it doesn't compare - it's just funny to watch the husband S. conspire ways to end up at our house to watch a hockey game. Here's some of what they brought: Prime Rib, butter, seasoning, hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, dip, crackers, wine, beer, chocolate chip cookies, shrimp cocktail, snow gear for two kids, a portable DVD player, new movies and a corkscrew. Somehow, it all worked out wonderfully.

Except for the fact that my husband had to go out and load trucks with snow at 7:00 p.m. - putting an early end to the entire day. He has my sympathy - there is no place I'd rather NOT be tonight - in a front-end loader, in a deserted grocery store parking lot - trying to stay awake all night between truck fill-ups. Poor guy. I'm totally thinking of him as I sit here in my jammies, contemplating between reading a book or wondering if I'd be able to stay awake through an entire movie.

I do wish he was home, but all in all? A happy new year.


blackbird said...

I read you through bloglines, and, yes, it does alert me when you have posted.
As for poor hub - I know what mine would say: work is work!
(As in - better to have some.)

Happy New Year! When I think of all those years I didn't "freeze" at midnight...sheesh.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Yup, Google Reader tells me when you've visited your blog with a new post! Glad to read you again. Have a happy new year. Let me know when the ice gets good, ok?

Jen on the Edge said...

I read you through Google Reader, so I get updates when you post.

I've always wondered about the snow/maple syrup concoction and how it tastes.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Another Google Reader person! I don't know which was scarier: the performances or Ryan Seacrest & his abnormally large mouth.

Amy said...

I don't get updated, I just keep coming back.

And I'm laughing out loud at the Great New Year's Eve LIE. I LOVE IT!!! That is the funniest thing (and if I'm truly the last on the planet to know that silly torture for children, don't tell me).