Friday, May 02, 2008

We've needed a new tent for a few years now, well - since this camping trip, when I spent half the night rolling up towels to place at the bottom of all the seams as water was just, literally, running in. It sounded like it was raining pretty hard, the amount of water coming in the tent led me to believe it was raining really hard

(That's a glowstick up there, hanging from the top of the tent)

See? Doesn't it SOUND like it's raining hard?

But when I went outside the next morning? Everything was just a little wet. And underneath the picnic table and my car? Totally dry. Clearly it wasn't the monsoon I thought it was.

Last year, while in New Hampshire, it was a monsoon. A wind, rain, thunder and lightening extravaganza. That lasted about a half hour and proceeded to blow trees down all over the campground, onto trailers (a tree on our site fell - but AWAY from our tent) and to knock the electricity out to the entire side of town. It blew our tent right off it's stakes. Plus it leaked terribly.

This year, in trying to come up with something, to celebrate the end of the school year and a year of straight A's for the boy and excellent first grade grades for the girl - I was planning a little trip. Very little, like overnight.

It had to be inexpensive, though, what with the work situation. And close, what with the dog situation.

My husband is easy, he's not a fan of the city OR the beach. He'd go, but he'd rather not. Both are close by but the city? Not inexpensive. And the beach? I can't get behind the idea of staying in a hotel for a night to spend the day at the beach. Especially with someone who's ready to leave the beach ten minutes after arriving.

So last night I ended up at the Cabela's site. And I saw this:

We discussed. I'm ordering today. Our vacation home, she is portable.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Thank you for reminding me why this girl does *not* camp. LOL

Amy said...

wooohooo!!! Very cool, very cool indeed!!

Jennifer said...


AND if you wanted to come to say this city and put that up in my backyard you'd be right at home :)