Tuesday, May 20, 2008

0 - The number of hits given up by Jon Lester last night.

5.4 - The number of gallons twenty dollars will get you around here.

17 - The number of minutes left in my work day.

7 - The number of days the customer service people asked me to wait before calling the cable company AGAIN about our bill.

6 - The possible number of A's on my son's progress report.

6 - The number of A's on his progress report.

7 -Times I've asked for a DVR for my birthday.

426 - Times I've asked for a screen door in the past sixish years.

37 - Age I'll be on my birthday.

1 - Number of Days until my birthday!


mainelife said...

Happy, Happy Birthday one day early. Maybe I'll try on that Pats' hat tomorrow in your honor :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

No freaking hitter!! From the *last* person I expected it from. (Ok that's not true. I expect it less from Bartolo Colon tomorrow.)

Happy birthday in one day!

blackbird said...

An early Happy Birthday to you!

Nichole M said...

I'm still reeling from last night's performance by Lester. Whoda thunk?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday week! I hope you started celebrating Sunday and won't stop until the weekend. Calories are free on birthday week, you know!


Jennifer said...

Yay for your boy!! that's great...
Cable company's SUCK
Our DVR totally does NOT suck, so I really really hope you get one, and make sure it has a hard drive because you will be in HEAVEN!!

I remembered your birthday this morning, that it was tomorrow, and wanted to send you something. I may just yet, and you'll get it late late late, and then can celebrate your birthday again :) hehe.

I love Em's rule that calories are free on birthday week :)

Amy said...

I think Lester did that just FOR your birthday, by the way. I mean, how awesome was that!?!?

But your birthday?! WAY AWESOMER!!! Happy b-day Jenn!!

(Here's hoping you get a DVR!)

Mig said...

Oh THANK GOD for this blog. Otherwise, I'd be UNAWARE.

That is incredibly sad isn't it? Well, GOOD NEWS, I have a CHAIR for you.

I bet you are excited!

There will be a specical BIRTHDAY delivery. HA.

catsteevens said...

At this very moment we are the same age :)