Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Identity Theft was so last week.

Also so last week? My husband and girlie's weekend trip to Maine. My parents need some one to build a roof over their porch and the obvious choice? Their son-in-law. Now, my guy has just gone back to work and he's got a few side jobs plus roofing his parent's house all hanging over his big deal. But my parent's called and asked and lo, the guilt. They said they'd feed him, provide beer and he could ride up with them. None of which are required or all that big of a deal.

Unless you're my husband. Who quite honestly, will work long hard hours to get the job done and not expect a whole lot in return. Even if he is out of state for an entire weekend, postponing jobs that might actually help us pay a bill or two.

But if you promise food, beer and such. Please, for the love of god, feed the man. Three pan fried hot dogs (no buns!) and a can of beans for lunch? And three homemade tacos for dinner, in a sauce that is more sloppy joe than taco? And beer? He was hoping for a few around the fire...he got one. No fire. And breakfast on Sunday? My parents stopped at McDonalds.

Plus my able bodied stepfather stood underneath him and watched him work. And suggested things. Not good.

But...on the plus side, the obligatory trip to Maine is complete, I got to spend a whole weekend with my favorite eleven year old, Mother's Day was a non-event (bonus t.v. watching: Survivor Finale - Boo! Parvarti! - I wanted Cirie), town meeting passed and I'm still employed (budgets are tiiiiight this year), I got the summer work schedule I want and need to make working financially feasible.

Things that are so this week?

My husband's fortieth birthday. Generally, I make whatever the birthday person wants for dinner. So I asked him if he wanted a treat....I could STEAM the hotdogs. Or grill them, even.

He threw a pillow at me.


Mig said...

I love your sense of humor.


catsteevens said...

Haha. I would've thrown more than a pillow at you :P

Anonymous said...

They really fed him crap food in exchange for free labor?

Amy said...

Wow, I think I might reconsider offering help to people who seem to value it so little. Ugh. But what a good hubby to do it all for such conditions.

I keep meaning to ask you, how are you enjoying "The Solace of Leaving Early?" Good, bad, otherwise?