Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saving Money

1. Negotiate the child care price.

Okay, so Blackbird's guess of twenty dollars a day? Right on the money, so to speak. A leeeetle bit cheaper than staying at the camp and apparently, she was unsure what to ask for and is willing to accept less.

I guess it wouldn't frost my ass so much but there's some history there - between my husband and his brother, most of it not all that great - and I'm totally letting that factor into my feelings about this. Maybe that's not too smart but it certainly makes giving them even one red cent a little bit painful. On the other hand, swallowing your pride so you can afford gas or some other luxury, like food? Maybe.

2. Steal your produce

Thursday, I went grocery shopping at a new "Super" version of a store I rarely visit. Well, they have these little put your card number in, grab a gizmo and scan your groceries as you put them in your cart. It tracks how much you're spending (love!) and you can remove items easily...all good.

When you check out, apparently you're supposed to have been bagging your items as you shop (who knew?). I didn't. I gave the cashier my scanner and asked how they keep track of what people are scanning vs. what people are just putting in their carts. She was sixteen, uninterested - and just shrugged. At this point I had no recollection of not scanning certain weighable items and I was a bit overwhelmed (shopping directly from recipes instead of lists does that to me plus this new gizmo...I was scatterbrained by checkout time).

She scans my gizmo, gives me a total, I write the check and start bagging my items. She checks nothing, rings nothing's all done with my scanner/gizmo. It doesn't dawn on me until I'm driving home, as I'm rehashing the wonder of the gizmo - that I hadn't bothered to scan any of the bag-and-weigh-it-yourself produce. Apples, bananas, peppers, onions, broccoli, asparagus...

There was some complicated chart and scales system but at the time I figured they'd handle that during checkout. Then when I was checking never even occurred to me.

So, free produce.

And no. I'm NOT going back.

3. Spend a beautiful Sunday working in the yard and not at any building or garden supply stores.

Wants: A screen door, a brick patio, a small wooden deck for the front entrance, a new fence for the front, handmade shutters, mulch, annuals ...

See? Saving money.


blackbird said...

I want all the same things.
Not getting any of them.

Mig said...

I can see how you'd love the scanning gizmo.

Just sayin'

Jennifer said...

Wow that's very trust worthy of stores to let you do that eh? We have the cash yourself out lines at our stores, but there's someone there watching over you. lol So why not just let THEM do it?

it's cold and rainy and cold here. 51... what happened to my 80something weather!!

catsteevens said...

Dude, I am all for free shit. And saving money. Way to go!