Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It Takes a Thief

Dear Jackass,

I'm not sure if Radio Shack was your store of choice or maybe their store credit applications are a little lax, but congratulations on getting that little piece of plastic. The fact that it's in my husband's name...insignificant detail, right?

The fifteen hundred dollars you spent, I hope you're enjoying it. It's so much easier to spend someone else's money isn't it? I do it all the time, whenever I dream about winning the lottery. I don't have the gall to do the whole 'idenity theft' thing, I'm spineless like that.

Did you pick up a few iPods? I wish you had gotten me a Classic because the 5th generation iPod video I bought a few years ago? Doesn't show rental movies...

How about a nice little LCD television? We bought one, back in December...paid for it ourselves and everything. Foolish of us, wasn't it?

I know the Shack is big into the remote control car/gizmo things...maybe you picked up a hundred or so of those.

So many options, the mind boggles.

Were you all cool and calm when you were filling out the application with my husband's name? Or did your hands sweat a bit as you waited for it to process? Did you look around for cameras and pull your baseball hat a little lower on your head? Or maybe you work there? And didn't have to bother trying to pull one over on the employees. The possibilities are endless.

I appreciate you're doing this, because I really don't have anything to fill my spare moments and there's nothing I love more than spending my spare time on the phone with credit card companies. Maybe you could somehow screw with our Comcast account too because as far as customer service goes? They're almost the worst (I'm looking at you, Verizon).

So, enjoy these last few days of leisure because they're going to start looking for you the minute my husband gets home and makes a few phone calls. Maybe you can listen to the police calls on your new scanner?




Sarah Louise said...

oh honey. sending hugs and good thoughts your way.

Sarah Louise said...

oh, and I totally didn't get until now that you closed your letter with "hugs, Jenny." You are kinder than I...

blackbird said...

Oh that just sucks.

Mig said...

If they manage to find the bastard, we are all here to kick their ass.

Right Bloggers?

Jennifer said...

Oh man!!!!

That happened to us too awhile back. Hope it all gets straightened out. We got our money back. Hope you do too.

nichole m said...

I surfed over from Dawn's blog and... OMG! I can't believe that! Identity theft? Freaking scary. So sorry you have to deal with that mess.

People suck.

~**Dawn**~ said...

People totally suck. Someone did that to me about 10 years ago. Very little feels as violating as identity theft.

gemmak said...

Bastards! Excellent post though...your feelings are tangible!