Saturday, June 02, 2007


Well, needless to say - it didn't rain. And it didn't rain yesterday either. So. Still behind on the laundry and vacuuming. It's hard to do crummy old housework when you could be reading outside or watching the kids swim or bike riding at the park or picnicking in the yard.

Plus the girlie and I learned how to finger knit and look...

she made herself a belt. And a bracelet for her teacher. And some long chains for godknowswhat. There's a little knitting group that meets at the library and she wanted to go in the worst way. She was beaming when we walked in and then, to be able to teach her skill to a 12 year old and the knitting guru lady? Over the moon.

Yesterday a bunch of the boy's friends that didn't attend the four day long field trip played hooky and one of them had a small pool party in the morning. Which was all good.

We're fairly good friends with the family and the mom oh so graciously invited the girlie to stay (as she is in afternoon kindergarten and the mom had invited me to stay too) - she was invited to play whiffle ball and pickle in the pool. One of the guys. She is probably half in love with two or three of them by now. One of the boys and yet, soooo much a girl.

We've always had a lady slipper or three growing either in our yard or on the path to the pond. This year there's probably twenty of them. Not sure why I'm telling you all, but that is the whole point of this blog thing, right?

Today I am off to the grocery store, soccer, liquor store, strawberry picking (eh, maybe) and a cookout. It is sunny and I'm not folding clothes. To hell with it.


blackbird said...

It all sounds so nice -
especially the hell with it part.

Jennifer said...

The Girlie is lucky.... how many times I use to wish my brother was older then me to bring all his cute friends home. haha.

I've never seen a "ladies slipper" it's neat looking eh?

It hasn't rained here in weeks. We had a sprinkle yesterday, and by sprinkle I mean I can get more water out of an ice cube! We really really need rain.

Sarah Louise said...

Pretty flower...okay, it's time for me to go to bed...

catsteevens said...

I've never seen a lady slipper either. Glad I read your blog. I feel enlightened :)