Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finding the Loopholes in Child Labor Laws

Amy has posted about this a few times and seeing that I am always ready to give up some sort of chore I thought we'd give it a go.

Once a week, during the summer (and beyond if life doesn't interfere) the chillins will be responsible for planning and cooking a dinner. Nothing too fancy and it's got to be something we like or at the very least be willing to try.

The kids were beside themselves, checking out cookbooks and discussing options - and almost as importantly - not bickering. It was decided that the first time would be a trial run and that homemade pizzas and a salad would be the menu. Well, mostly english muffin pizzas but seeing as I can not stand them, the boy made me a regular crust. The girlie made a salad with rice wine vinegar dressing and far too many tomatoes.

Both were voted as the best salad and pizza consumed in many a months. The boy, as usual, has grand ambitions We'll cook everything for an entire day - breakfast and lunch AND dinner. I know better... his grand ambitions usually end up like the guinea pig or the night crawler business - a chore... and he has been the bonafide genetic recipient of my chore hating gene. You reap what you sow and all of that.

And because we're nice folks we "let" them wash the cars. We're good like that.


Amy said...

wooohooo!!! It's so much fun, I'm telling you!! Even the nights when it feels like far more work to walk him through the process than to just do.it.myself (I'm like that) I can see how proud he is at the end of the night and how much he appreciates meals that are cooked for him.

Good for your kids!! I love it! KICK'N at Jenny's!

catsteevens said...

When I was a kid, my mother "let" me clean bathrooms, dust, and vacuum the house. Talk about child labor ;)