Thursday, June 14, 2007

Flag Day

We hope you have enjoyed our flag day presentation and we hope we have taught you a little about the flag of our country.

That's it. The girlie's big stage debut. Today is the big kindergarten flag day celebration - the preparations have been going on for weeks. God Bless America has been burned into my brain. Or one verse of it has, anyway.

My girl is beside herself with flag day giddiness and has dressed herself up especially for the day. A red flag shirt, white shorts with red and blue stars, two red white and blue homemade bead bracelets and a red white and blue headband. She is beyond proud of it and it doesn't look that who am I to argue?

The boy is unable to bite into any food at all with his front two teeth. He tried bread and butter last night and judging by his reaction - the pain/heebee jeebee feeling must've shot through his mouth. Just before he left for school this morning he admitted that it was 'uncomfortable' and could I make him a lunch he could tear or break into little pieces so he could place it in his mouth, well past those front teeth, and chew with his molars? Poor kid.

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blackbird said...

sending him a hug!