Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Maybe I should get one of those poison food tester people too

My parents have just, in the past month or so, decided that they’d like to spend some actual time with the kids. This is kind of new for me, as they are not the type of grandparents volunteering to babysit/take them to a movie/attend any sporting events or even visit with us to just hang out and watch the kids in the lake or something.

Lately there’s been an offer or two for ice cream and when the husband went up to Maine, they must’ve told me a gagillion times just how enjoyable those two little cretins were. And how they were welcome to come up with them sometime.

I sort of brushed it off because, my son is TEN and what’s with the turning over a new leaf thing? Anyhow. My mom called and invited them. They’re supposed to leave Friday evening and will be back by Sunday night. A mere 48 hours.

I am finding, however, that I cannot find an apron with strings like those extenda-dog leashes. I am sort of beside myself with worry about them. For whatever reason if they’re going to Maine with my husband I’m fairly okay (i.e. cannot sleep or truly relax until they arrive in Maine) but for some reason with my parents – aye, yi,yi – I cannot tone down the control freak in me. I jokingly refer to it as Air Force One syndrome. But not in a funny ha-ha way. More in a neurotic, I’ll have an ulcer by Sunday way. Both my kids in one car, without us, heading away.

I'm sort of quiet about my craziness so my husband and kids don't think I'm a complete loon but here, here I can just ramble on. So my husband, unaware of my issues suggested that we go to Maine too. We have no plans, none and it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend and we could tent and bring the dog and have a campfire or seven and just hang out. I would LOVE to say yes but I don't want my parents thinking that we're honing in on their grandparenting time. That I don't, you know, trust them. Which I do trust them. It's the crazies on the highway driving ninety on the Maine Pike that make me nervous.

Phew. I feel better. Not that I've reached any sort of decision but at least the thoughts are ping-ponging around in my head anymore.


SneakyPeek said...

I can see your point. I'd worry too.

I think Maine will be very nice this weekend, in a passive/agressive kind of way.


blackbird said...

just be glad they aren't getting on a plane...

I'm ony saying.

catsteevens said...

That's a tough one, but if you would LOVE to say yes, then do it! Glad you got the ping-pong outta your head :)

Lisa said...

New things are often more scarey than they need to be. Trust me on this.

Jennifer said...

Gotta say I completely know how you feel. Sending both kids in the truck hauling a fifth wheel trailer on the road for a SIX hour drive north to go camping in the woods ie: no internet connection OR cell phone signal. Just them and my grandparents for THREE WEEKS!

Yep.. I know how you feel. They'll have a great time though, and it's good for them to get to know their grandparents. And of course you can always just go pick them up if you NEED to. right.

Amy said...

oh, but when they come back, oh how you will love seeing them again. Truly, it's like no other feeling. I cry every time.