Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day Two

oh, no. not that day two. just day two of summer vacation, which is almost as bad - but not really.

Last Saturday was IT. The last day of sports related obligations for the year summer next six weeks. But look at that throw in thing the girlie's doing on that ohsowell manicured soccer field. There were like 48 million honey bees in these huge patches of clover - kids were freaking out all over the place. And look! Look at those super attentive boys just waiting to make the play. U6 Soccer is as exciting as watching paint dry but seriously - it's adorable.

And then we went out to dinner here and that was our view from the rooftop deck. Lobster rolls, clam rolls and sunshine. Sublime. If I ever say that I want to move to some place more than thirty minutes from the ocean stage an intervention.
I can just see, in this picture, a glimpse of the young man he's going to be.

And Sunday, Father's Day...yawn. The husband went fishing for twelve hours, in the sun on the ocean. He caught two fish and a bit of a buzz and with entirely too much striped bass we hosted an impromptu cookout for my family. Not pictures of the fish or the sunburned husband...

But I will throw in a picture from Burial Hill because, well, why not? We went back to the seaside town yesterday for some letterboxing and because I wove in some errands with the fun the day was pretty much complaint free and with the exception of the CLOSED best slush place on earth - it was all good.

Plus I let the girlie take some pictures. She seemed to gravitate towards sepia.
An oceanfront playground for Jen. As she will be seeing alot of this place in a few months.

A church for Blackbird.

The brother with his newly purchased camera. I love this lawn mowing gig he's got.

And some gratuitous motherly pride:

Flag Day from Jenny on Vimeo


blackbird said...



SneakyPeek said...

Awwww, so SWEET!!!!

I love the pictures. :-)

Amy said...

love the pics, and your boy is nearly a man, I tell ya! Enjoy your summer, er, six weeks of freedom!!

P.S. I've lived 2 hours from the Jersey Shore for oh, 9 years now and I've gone TWICE. But the pics of your shorelines up thataway? They make me want to move NORTH, even though I hate snow!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Wow! Nice angle on that second one by your girlie! =)

Sarah Louise said...

I heart sepia.