Monday, June 04, 2007

On the Other Hand

While the next two weeks will be crazy busy - it is only two weeks. Then school. is. out.

Rainy Monday is looking like it will turn into Sunny Tuesday.

Both of my kids got much needed haircuts. No more scruffy vagabond look for them.

One last week of Daisy Scouts. And Lacrosse.

My boy is has basically weaned himself off the computer and hasn't played more than an hour or so of any video games in the past two weeks.

And again with the Sunny Tuesday.


Amy said...

I thought that since I watched the game on Saturday and they won I surely wasn't the problem but I watched last night (until the bitter end) and felt as though I held some responsibility there. Ugh. What a bummer of a loss.

It's a rainy Monday here, supposed to be a rainy Tuesday, too. Laundry is in already. Vaccuming will commence when I arrive home (if not sooner by the boy). Two more weeks of school for us, too. But then my boy is gone. Luckily it's only for three weeks this time instead of eight.

Twist of Kate said...

Hi Jenny.....Uh, remember me??? Ahahahaha. Doing a random sweep of your blog today ;-)

The boy, WEANED HIMSELF??? Come again? How? Wha? Why? And can we get Nico to do that too?

Hope you don't get TOO busy.

Miss ya!

catsteevens said...

How did that weaning occur? I need to take notes for future child-rearing ;)

Lisa said...

Wow.. my kid's been out since last Wednesday.

We start again mid-August. Yours probably start in September?