Sunday, January 21, 2007

while I suppose I'm rooting for New Orleans, I'm doubting they'll win. I'm doubting even more if I can stay awake through this boring game. yawn.

i missed all the hoopla surrounding the Patriots win last week. Unsportsmanlike? Maybe...More unsportsmanlike than trash talking a team during week prior to the game? More unsportsmanlike than suggesting, post game, that it was done with the coach's direction?

My two cents: People are passionate about sports. Fans, sure, but imagine being a player. Sure, you're paid alot of money (more money than you should be but that's neither here nor there) you're alot of things to alot of people...hero, role model, scapegoat, object of my affection (that would be you Mr. Rodney Harrison)...-ehem, spend the week listening to just how terribly you do your job and just how much better someone else is. You've been overlooked as far as individual honors and maybe you really don't want to go to Hawaii but you know you should've been invited. I mean, Merriman? Hello, didn't he miss quarter of the season for violating the substance abuse policy? Really now, that's company you'd be better off without. So, you're being put down, not given a chance to win and you go out and play one of the most physical games around. And then something unexpected win. And maybe you shouldn't do it, but you do...take that league MVP, take that Shawn Merriman, take that naysayers. Enjoy your stay in Hawaii, and hey, now y'all can leave a few weeks early.

Does LT really think Bill Belichick okayed all of that? I'm sure not, it hardly seems his style. I think emotion got the best of those guys and they all heard about it in the mandatory full team practice on Wednesday. I think emotion got the best of LaDanien when he repeated the coaching comment later in the week, disappointing end to a stellar season...can't be easy, but as a friend of mine says "Suck it up, Buttercup."

I didn't have a problem with Harrison doing the eagle wave when the Pats won the Super Bowl, I don't disapprove of the Merriman imitation and I'm wishing the Colts had some sort of signature dance that the Pats could perform on that big blue horseshoe in the dome after they win later on today.


Twist of Kate said...

Win today? Really? Because that's not what my tv says right now! Sorry, my hatred for Brady has nothing to do with you. I{Heart} you! I just hate him. Really. Sorry for you, but I'm so happy he isn't in it...AGAIN. I couldn't have handled that. But remember....I???? still {heart} U!

Amy said...

It amazed me, too, that LT got so worked up over a dance that oh, yeah, HIS TEAM did all the time when they got a sack...but when the tables are turned, it's suddenly rude. And yeah, Belichick does those sorts of things all the time over on the sideline, ranting and ...oh wait, no he doesn't. Yeah, I missed the point on that one, too.

But now I'm just sad that the Pats are out. And I'm sick of people saying that they didn't want the Pats to win because that would be "boring" cause they "always win". Um, yeah. Cause they're good. Not overpaid, not overhyped, not overdramatic, just good.