Friday, January 19, 2007


I am alone. In my own home. For the first time in too long.

We are about done recuperating. The hockey tournament was exhausting. Late nights, lots o' boys, snowball fights, intense hockey games..

Getting ready to tee up on the goalie.

Post Snowball fight exhaustion. See that two inches of snow? Not very wintery for January in New Hampshire...but no matter, it was perfectly playable.

Inspirational team meeting.

We parked our car on Friday and left it until Monday. The whole village is centered around this rink included. There were fireworks on Saturday night and it did actually snow while we were there...not to mention the ice storm we drove home in. I thought I would go a little stir crazy - and I did - but it was survivable. Much more so because I could walk to the bakery for hot chocolate to escape the knee hockey madness that overtook the boys. And our living/common area.

Little rink rats sisters. Whose throats were hoarse from breathing in the superchlorinated air in the pool. They're pretty good sports considering an ice hockey rink is one of the dullest places on earth...if you don't watch hockey.

This number 11? Played the best hockey he's ever played and learned why good sportsmanship is so much more preferable than bad. Seeing a Squirt A (our's are C's) team from Rhode Island come in and skate circles around them, all the while taunting our boys and complaining to the refs when they were called for penalties. He took notice...they all did. Sometimes the winning team doesn't necessarily have the higher score.

Oh, did I mention that due to two poorly scheduled hockey games I MISSED THE LAST THREE QUARTERS OF THE PATRIOTS GAME? And had to rely on a 12 year old who was sneaking into a bar for updates? No? Yeah, well I did. I really didn't mind, still don't in fact...but let me just say there will be little to no parenting happening after 6:30 p.m. this Sunday.


Jennifer said...

The boy must have had a wicked awesome time :)

Tell that little sister on the right there to stop growing up so fast!

mmmm Hot Chocolate.. I could go for one of those right now. Winter has finally come to Canada. My little snow bunnies are out playing in all the wonderful white stuff you sent me for my birthday :)

Glad to have you home :)

Amy said...

You are right about sportsmanship, and I'm glad your boy learned it there, playing hockey and not while watching the Pats game (they should be ashamed).

But missing the Pats?! YOU?! You can come to my house on Sunday and watch (I know, it's a bit of a hike).

~**Dawn**~ said...

you probably saved yourself aging 15 years not watching last week's game. i know i will be glued to my tv. anyone who calls me after 6:30pm *will* be ignored!

::gulps & crosses fingers::

MommaK said...

All I want to know is - who is the shark? I love the white board drawing!!!

Twist of Kate said...

Um, yeah I watched THE WHOLE GAME...maybe the Pats could learn something about GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP from your little hockey guys!!! I'm just sayin'. Can't wait for the game this weekend...I won't talk sh*t...yet. ;)

Got nothing but love for ya!