Thursday, January 11, 2007

First of all....

Go here. Go on, go wish Jen a Happy Birthday ~ she's a sweetie...a YOUNG sweetie. I hope it blizzards for her tonight.

*taps foot, waits impatiently* And, please Jen, take no offense that I'm foot tapping...I'm just impatient by nature.


Okay, well I guess we'll see how well I can sign on to a random wireless network this weekend...

We're heading to Waterville Valley, NH for a hockey tournament. Oh, the joy. Fourteen boys and one girl with their families. When booking the hotel room the clerk offers me a room that sleeps ten. Um, no - I'm not going to host the knee hockey tournament in my room. So the only other room available was a regular ole hotel room...away from the other team. The clerk said it like it was a bad thing but I'm thinking 'hey, no early morning or late night kids playing ding dong ditch?' I think we'll be fine.

There is an obscene amount of packing today as it turns out there is only three days of hockey during our four day stay.

And being the impatient soul that I am, I don't do bored very well. So. I will pack. Stuff.

Stuff being: knitting (a scarf in my boy's hockey colors), 2 issues of Vanity Fair, Ipod (recently downloaded with Tetris and some Battlestar Galactica - I know, I know...GEEK!), Laptop, Alias Grace (very good, just very little time to dedicate to not like me) Uno Attack, Cribbage, Blisters and Pictionary Junior.

Gretsky the Guinea Pig is visiting friends. Baxter the Lab is staying home, with occasional adult supervision and that, I that.

So, tell me now....what will I forget?


blackbird said...


Gretsky...nice name.

~**Dawn**~ said...

please tell me you will be able to see the playoff gam on Sunday... i feel like we need all the victory vibes we can get in order to win this one! =/

Amy said...

amen to Dawn!! Um, you're forgetting clothes? j/k You'll have a wonderful time and you've packed such very fun things!!

Jenn said...

Jenny I have not been around in forever, but I have not forgotten about you! I sent my oldest off to a tourney with his dad... the very first one I've ever missed. I want to bawl! Be careful and tell the young one's good luck!

Jennifer said...

Battlestar Gallactica huh... hmmm I'm thinking if we get to see you this summer you and Adam will have lots to talk about. ;)

Jennifer said...

Hey... have you gotten lost? No posts.. no reply to the emails I sent? Are you okay?