Monday, January 22, 2007

Okay, okay, okay

So the Patriots didn't get to do any showoffy moves centerfield. And I'm bummed.

But hey, they just didn't have what it took this year. Watching Peyton pray on the sidelines as Tommy marched his team back up the field with under a minute to have to know that even Peyton thought it could be done. And this year...that will have to be enough for me.

There will be no Super Bowl party, no watching of the commercials because I've promised myself that I would never NEVER watch Peyton in a SuperBowl. Ever. And so football season, in my house, has ended.

As the Colts began their last drive back up the field I said to my husband:

Want to know my fantasy ending?
he just looks at me...

the Colts run the clock down to mere seconds...they are well within field goal range but can't get a first down.

Vinatieiri takes the field.

Seconds tick away.

Cue Gil Santos as announcer:

The snap. The kick. He shanks it right- NO GOOD!!! The kick is wide! The kick is WIDE!

End Gil.

Vinatieri jumps for joy...

Then, Superman like, he rips his Colts jersey off to reveal his true colors....his old number 4 Pats jersey.

The Patriots win the game!

Okay, so it's not plausible but it really would've been something, eh?

And Kate, what's with all the Tomhate? I don't take it personally but according to my girlie, she's marrying him - so he's practically you know something I don't?


~**Dawn**~ said...

i will be watching because i bought plane tickets to go watch the Super Bowl in CA with my best friends. so i will watch... and live vicariously through every hit Brian Urlacher rains down upon the Colts offense.

Twist of Kate said...

Well I am sorry for YOU. Not for Bill or Brady but for my friend. It sucks when the season is over. I'm seriously not in love with either SuperBowl team, but I'll be at a party and I hardly watch the game when I'm there :)

As far as the girlie and Tom? You know I would never be one to deprive the girlie but I would think twice about the marriage thing. I don't know anything for sure, but watch your back, I'm just sayin'! AHAHAHAHA! But hey, big football star in the family, even if it's him...not too shabby. :)

*smooches Girl!

Jennifer said...

When I learned of the score... I thought of you and seriously said to Adam " Awwww poor Jenn"

Amy said...

Your dream and mine are so very similar, even if Vinatieri applies this play to the Bears, it would ROCK!!! I can always dream, can't I?

Speaking of which, I dreamt that I met Mr. Brady last night. And some girl that I was with was totally hitting on him but he was ENGAGED. Maybe he was engaged to your girlie!! Anyway, he was nice enough in my dream and even danced with me.