Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well, yeah. The movie was terrible. Bad acting!! (exclamation points merited) and a complete ripoff of LOTR in some places. Never mind the fact that the movie just didn't go from point A to point B with any plausibility. I expected better.

New Year's Eve was a mellow affair. We were with friends but no one was feeling it so a bunch of us just hung around, chatting and completely sober. Christmas trees were set ablaze in the middle of the cul-de-sac. Good times.

Monday was the last day of vacation and we did nothing. Or next to nothing as playing Uno Attack, Pictionary Jr and The Littlest Pet Shop Game and watching National Treasure doesn't amount to a whole lot.

I napped.

Then it was back to school. Back to the dentist's, a different dentist - one who couldn't help the boy (immature tooth, blah, blah blah) and then on the phone for almost an hour with a new endodontist. Dudes, I'm getting tired of teeth.

As for resolutions? Two.

Quit with the yelling.


Work on being debt free. This year was a financial disaster for us...the husband was laid off for two months - and then, with the company's legal "issues" they aren't allowed to bid on any jobs that are funded by the state. Which means his rate of pay dropped considerably. Then it was my huge car troubles, new tires for both vehicles, two root canals and remaking the teeth, an oven that died and needs repair, a washing machine that died and was replaced. Oye.

I just picked up some more work, we switched phone services, I'm cancelling netflix (and maybe cable if my husband keeps being jerky), switching our cell phones to a prepaid option (we barely use them), eating out only every other week, and no credit card use. Well, with the exception of an occasional internet order or say, booking a hotel for a hockey tournament. I have to be realistic.

I'm curious to see how I'll do.


blackbird said...

I think you should just stop driving all together -
and all of you should wear mouth guards.

WE aren't discussing husbands and jobs, okay?

SneakyPeek said...

You go girl. I like the no yelling. Oh and does this mean we have to rent a movie instead of going to see one?

Cuz I'll just pay for us both ;-)