Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So, did you get tired of looking at the one word meme yet?

I know I did.

Why doesn't the boy like baseball? Or, really, even soccer. He used to like soccer - was pretty good at it, even. Doesn't he realize that they don't play soccer at the crack of dawn?

Hey, at least I got to catch the sunrise - even if it was in the rear view mirror.

And because, to you guys, the hockey pictures probably all look about the same - here's one from a few weeks ago.

But hey, this game was different - the boy got a shot a playing wing (usually he's on D) and he had three breakaways and he skated faster than he's EVER skated. We were speechless. And we haven't told him but his coach plans on skating him up again this week. Plus his team is 9-1-0 (woohoo for the squirts!)

Then, sometime later.... when the rest of the world was awake...

A christmas tree cutting expedition. Notice the lack of winter jackets and gloves and such? Yeah, well it may be nice weather for picking out a tree but it does not really make me want a tree. At all. How do you folks in California do it?

Turkey pot pie for supper.

Well now, days have passed. The tree is decorated, the pot pie a distant memory. The days fly by...chess club, daisy scouts, work, guinea pig.

Which, by the way, the guinea pig is mine. No longer any doubt (at least in my mind). The thing is such a little bundle of stress he's pulling his hair out. Just like I always threaten to do. He's my kindred spirit.

Blogger has me on a deadline.

I need to go comment on someone's site and all I get where the usually gobbledy gook of word verification letters are is this: Visual Verification. As in that's where the verification SHOULD be. No letters to type. So I can't comment. It. Is. Killing. Me.


Twist of Kate said...

YES! That one word meme was getting a little stale. Thanks! :)

I just said something today in my post about how Christmas decorations don't look the same when there's no snow!

Amy said...

a) I couldn't get up before dawn for anything. bravo to you!

b) It is impossible to pick out a tree when it is warm, isn't it? I can't seem to get into the holiday spirit because it's 60 degrees here!!

c) turkey pot pie sounds oooh so good! I'm going to have to make one. Which will be officially the most complicated baking I've done in months!

d) the guinea pig is pulling his own hair out? Oooh the poor little thing, that just isn't good at all!

e) I hate when it says "visual verification" I HATE THAT!!

catsteevens said...

There is something very wholesome and real about your post (maybe it's the pic of your kids). I like it :)

It's not just California that has to celebrate the holidays in heat, but Florida too. A lot of Floridians adopt the Beachy Christmas theme (which I don't really like.....I mean c'mon, Santa in a bathing suit?). I used to have a roommate that would turn the AC really, really cold and then decorate. It was amusing.

I'm normally happy if it drops below 70 degrees.

SneakyPeek said...

I love your post!

And feel sorry for Gretsky, I know it's not the love that is stressing him out. His past has been full of upheaval. I'm sure once it all settles for him, he'll be doing much much better.

I have heard they do better with company (ducks head)

Jennifer said...

Okay it's Thursday and I am just seeing this now? How is that even possible?

Okay you have to stop that boy and girlie of yours from growing up so darn fast. They look SO different then they did three years ago. YIKES THREE years ago! can you believe it

Will never get up at the crack of stupid to play sports... you are one special mom you know!

I know.. It's so depressing this weather. It was 65 here today. WHY??? I'm in CANADA damnit I want my snow! AND this is the first year in about 10 years that I have not had my christmas tree up in November. That's right tomorrow is Dec1st and my tree is still in the attic. :o(

I love the meme up above and will do this once I get my puter back from the doctor.

and the word verification thing. That's happened to me before. I HATE word verifications. Why have you not put haloscan back up??? huh????

wow I said a lot here tonight didn't I :)