Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Updates

Daisy Scouts:
The actual act of being the daisy scout leader probably won't kill me. It will the be the moms. OR the mom. There is this one. The other leader and I've decided to institute an aggravation surcharge to be billed monthly.

for example: yesterday she actually reported a grown man to the librarian for using the children's room computers because she thought he looked drunk and homeless...and he looked at her strangely. She actually said front of all the girls and other moms. She then proceeded to make a comment about him maybe being 'a perv'.

The best part of this?

I got to tell her, in my most upbeat passive agressive tone, that "Hey, I know him." As I did - his son is friends with my boy. He was in the library with his kids, helping them find a book or two, and he had just gotten out of work - hence the Carhartt jacket and woolie cap - that were dirty and i guess those dirty laboring types do tend to look homeless. My husband is one of those dirty laboring types and he is certainly in rough shape come 4 p.m. but c'mon... And maybe this guy is a perv, because who really knows, but he was probably just staring back at this lady who was giving him the hairy eyeball because he didn't meet the dress code. And no, he wasn't drunk.

Now, ususally I would pronounce Pavarti as Pahv-ARE-tee and not Poverty. And maybe I have my pronunciation key all wrong...but whatever. Jeff says Poverty. And if that is how you pronounce it? One more reason for her to lose. Her name would be meaningless if she were a million dollars richer.

I kind of liked Flicka.

The guy who rocks at puzzles should've took a minute to realize that if the rest of the group has alot of trouble swimming that there won't even be a chance to DO the puzzle.

They seem to have alot of food. Remember the good old days, when Colby looked like a walking skeleton? Now THAT was Survivor.


Twist of Kate said...

We have a dad at our school who TOTALLY looks homeless, I mean bad teeth, scraggly long hair, (though bald on top...yikes) and unshaven...seriously scary. But he's perfectly nice, he's just a rocker dude, musician type. And although he might be a bit of a perv, you really can't judge by appearances alone.

jenny said...

I know...

I would've loved to have said...Oh, Him? That's my husband.

cady said...

my dad always talks about how the survivors on recent shows have had more than enough to eat. he is all for bringing back the starvation. after all, that's what it's all about!

Jennifer said...

Ahhh yes Colby *sigh*

If you watch America's most wanted or shows alike, you see that it's the clean shaven stuck up types that you need to be leary of.

Lisa said...

Well, that was nice of that dad to take his kids to the library right after work.

We had brownie scouts in the library last night.. I didn't see you anywhere. :)