Monday, November 06, 2006

The silicone bakeware: A recap.

I cannot make cookies. At all. I'm not a huge fan of baking cookies anyway, I find it tedious. But my attitude is this:

If I want to make cookies and can follow directions, the cookies should end up being edible.

They weren't.

No amount of new baking powder, cookie sheets, baking soda or even oven thermometers helped. And I threw hundreds of cookies away. Hundreds. Because, while we love hockey, we don't generally eat the pucks and that all these cookies were good for.

So, I bought some red floppy baking sheet liners and figured I'd give it another try.

They. Are. Miraculous.

The cookies are perfectly textured, golden brown and slide right off the silicone. Plus they roll up and you can tuck them in a corner of your cabinets.

Go. Buy Some.


NTE said...

This must be where my cookie-baking adventures go awry. Silcone pads, huh? Very Martha.

Congrats on cookies you can eat!

Amy said...

wow. I had no idea, I swear. I'm gonna have to check those out. But only have I know if I'm moving or not, cause right now, we're on a clean out all the crap phase of our lives for fear that we're actually going to have to move it all.

SneakyPeek said...

Lies! Just use flour instead of baby powder and they will be edible. You don't need silly silicone for good cookies. :-)

jenny said...

sp - i don't generally use baby powder in my this where I'm going wrong? :)

so, you're saying EXTRA flour in my toll house recipe will do the trick?

and it SO isn't a lie - Cookies are BORE-RING! I usually only make them out of necessity.

amy - so worth putting them on your 'something to buy either after I move or if I'm staying put' list.

Twist of Kate said...

I have always wanted to venture into the world of silicone bakeware. Now you just may have convinced me to actually take that last step and buy some!

Tara said...

Air bake cookie sheets are the real secret. (And pssst. silicone bakeware is being investigated by some as an unsafe tool. Just an FYI).

jenny said...

tried airbake. no luck.

& i've done a bit of checking...they don't seem to pose a risk. At least so far. Wish I could say the same about Teflon.

Peter N said...

One dozen, ASAP....