Thursday, November 02, 2006

Not really Lost...But Found Anyway...

courtesy of google and too much diet coke after 9 p.m. :

an ex-long distance high school romance fella with a poetry blogspot blog.



another long ago boyfriend. Now, a professional snowboarder.

Both guys doing what they dreamed of.


On the whole crazy playdate thing: While I could have taken the confrontational route...I did not. I could not. 1.) I was kind of taken aback; 2.) It was a bratz doll, not a joint; 3.) I didn't find out the details of the day until we were on our way home and 4.) There's no need to have the girlie blacklisted by the gestapo mom brigade in town. We can quietly decline future playdate invites or just keep them to a minimum - same result, less drama.


blackbird said...


In my head? I'm all about the drama, in real life? very subtle.

jenny said...

heh. me too. I vent here but in real life I have confrontationphobia.