Monday, November 20, 2006

I just bought a $29.00 first generation ipod shuffle from the Apple Store.

The boy will be stunned. And I have just checked his 'big gift' off my list! Hoo-yeah.

I'm not much with wanting to celebrate Thanksgiving this year...I feel like I'm just doing what's expected of me, going through the motions. Which is a shame. I won't let the kids catch on but honestly I'd rather stay home and do something ourselves.

Maybe it's the fact that my husband is still working at his parents. We see him almost not at all and I'm feeling a bit disconnected. Like part of what belongs here is missing.

Today's the first day it's been even marginally cold. I've got my christmas shopping well over halfway done but I'm having trouble computing that THIS is the weekend we buy our tree.

Must. Snap. Out. Of. It.

Funny, because when I was just reading last year's November archives it seems I was in the same sort of funk.


Anyways, here is my own private hideout the shed. It's almost done, the trim needs painting, and the husband is unhappy with his windows (that he spent hours making) and there's some talk of redoing them. My guess is, they're in...they'll stay. And needs shutters. And some landscaping too.
favorite part of the shed...the handle. It's the center of a 4"x 4" piece of oak. They age and crack in the heat of the cellar when the woodstove is on for awhile and in the middle is this round, solid piece of wood.The sides and roof of the shed sort of extend back to create a little outdoor storage area for the bikes and lawnmower and ice fishing sled. I'm thinking it might be time to deflate the tubes.


Jennifer said...

You'd be surprised how refreshing it is just having a holiday like Thanksgiving with just the four of you.

If it's possible, I say go for it! Talk with your hubby about how you're feeling, I'm sure he'd like to know he is missed.

That shed rocks!!

jenny said...

my husband would go cuh-razy if i suggested that we have thanksgiving alone, not to mention that both his and my parents would be hurt. plus there would be moping kids, they love their nana's cooking.

so only I would be happy but I wouldn't be because everyone else would be miserable. :)

I'm loving the shed too!

Amy said...

very very cool shed!! I think I need one of those! How about if I go to the g'parents for T-day and pretend I'm you? I could go for some great cooking (that I didn't do) and I can fill in as a wonderful mom for a couple of hours!!

catsteevens said...

That really is a sah-weet shed. Great job hubby. And that handle.

Sorry, I have no words of advice on the Thanksgiving situation. I always go where I'm told and I'm just happy I don't have to cook :)

Lisa said...

cool shed!

Suse said...

Oh your shed is way prettier than the hideous (read: cheap) one I just ordered. Perhaps you can come and stay after all - your husband can build my shed and I'll do your laundry. No thongs allowed though.

(Now all your other readers will wonder what the heck I'm on about ... ha!)

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