Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Take Note. I'm Posting Every Day This Month. I swear. Now, put the gun down.

A mom of one of the girlie's classmates invited her over for a few hours the week before last. She offered to pick her up after school and I'd pick her up at their house a few hours later. Not a problem. I know of the family, the kids are nice, etc. - while we aren't really past the 'mom stays too' playdate when it comes to new friends, we know enough people in this small town that now, with child #2, I'm running into the families that have kids my son's age.


When I get there to pick up the girlie, my daughter says that they haven't even had a chance to play. I'm thinking it's just an excuse because she doesn't want to leave yet. Turns out, they weren't home. At all. They went out to lunch, then did an errand or two, then went to Target. Where, after my girlie said that I won't buy her Bratz dolls because they wear too much makeup, the mom buys her a Bratz doll.

Is that normal? To not tell me that she had a few things to do and was going to take them to lunch? And then buy her a toy that even she says isn't something her mom would allow. The mom said she bought her a toy because it was her (my girl's) birthday and her own daughter wanted one. And so, there was no playing on their playdate.

Why can't this whole dealing with other parents thing be easy? I won't be saying anything to the mom and will probably end up inviting the daughter to our house but I way off base here?

And okay, so maybe I'm crazy but I'm not a fan of Bratz dolls - it's the name, slutty attire AND makeup. Not just the makeup. That being said, she's right - I won't buy her one but if she got one as a gift I'd wouldn't go all commando and not let her use it. But I am sort of enjoying the fact that it's sitting under her bed, forgotton.


Benny said...
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jenny said...

ack! first comment spam since dumping haloscan,

blogger're on notice.

although, a question for you all...did I have word verification before today? can i expect you to remember when i can't? :)

blackbird said...

I don't know if it's 'normal' or not - but it's INAPPROPRIATE.

First of all, we don't take other people's children on errands when they are supposed to be on a playdate and second of all we don't purchase gifts on playdates and FINALLY, WTF?

When she's 17 and tells her friend's mom that you won't let her drink, will this dame give her a beer?

jenny said...

if you would've seen the look the mom was giving me as she was telling me what my daughter said about the doll, like how UNBELIEVEABLY silly of me.

I'm still scratching my head. thank god it was a brat & not a beer...they're still too young for me to think in those terms but it does put it into perspective...

Peter N said...

Hi..powerful stuff..

Amy said...

holy cripes are you kidding me? I think I would have handed the doll back and said "there's a reason I won't let my child have one of these. Apparently you don't care about that reason, but I still do." Yeah, I'd be rude like that. Well, in my head. In real life, I'd do what you did. And I'd have her daughter over to my house, too. That makes absolutely no sense to me. How dare she infringe upon your wishes for your own child!!

And I agree about the dolls. They are wretched.

P.S. I'll be here everyday whether you post anything new or not. I like ya. You don't have to write if you don't want to. I'll still come back. Well, as long as you leave out cookies.

SneakyPeek said...

All I want to know are you REALLY going to post everyday?????

Ok, I'm kidding.

A playdate is not running errands, ever. It's at home and if it's going to be running errands you either a) ask permission or b) schedule it for another time.

Clearly this mom is all about thinking of herself and not her child. (ie. buying your daugher a doll that your daughter clearly said you wouldn't buy her)

I'd say all playdates are at your house ... and consider if you really want them to be friends.

Mother's a role models to their children or they are suppose to be.

(gets off soapbox here)

Jennifer said...

I'm with blackbird. inappropriate.

Yes you've had word verification since you've switched to beta. How you got a spam comment I don't know, but I'd be pretty peeved. More so then how much word verification peeves me.

Twist of Kate said...

But I don't wanna put the gun down! I agree that buying the doll against your wishes is not right, especially if girlie made a comment to that fact. I wouldn't want my kid running around town with other people either, that's not a play date. I probably wouldn't have said anything either but later made passive agressive comments. :) But that's just me!

Bratz Dolls are lame, I'm glad Kai doesn't do dolls anymore or we may have had to fight about it.

Tara said...

I'm with Amy. I would have given it back to the mother. And I would have let her know that I didn't appreciate her taking my child all around town without me knowing it. What if something happened and you went to get her and they weren't there?!?!?

For the record, I despise word verification. I'd like it more if it actually was a word.

Wendy said...

I'm in disbelief - about the whole story. I truly am. From the errand running to the doll bit. Unbelievable.

I have never bought a Bratz doll for my daughter, because of how they look, but she's rec'd them as gifts and well ... whatever. She plays with them, Polly Pocket, Groovy Girls, etc ... she doesn't seem to look at them like I do.

Miriam said...

Happened by on the Nablopomo randomizer trip. Wheee!

I would have given the doll back in front of my girlie. If possible, not in front of the other mom's girlie, but you can't always arrange the world despite the strong urge to do so.

The wack mom was wrong, and your daughter learned that some adults will help her break the rules. Not cool.

I'm probably a bitchy control mom (btw mine is only 9 months old so I'm also a novice know-it-all to even comment), but the errands thing- no WAY! What if you'd needed to pick your kid up unexpectedly? And on a first "date"?

Sounds like you've got it all figured out- I think you are right on base.

jenny said...

miriam - i've since told her (and this was always the case but she didn't differentiate) - I won't buy the dolls. I told her she could keep them if they were a gift.

thanks for stopping by!