Wednesday, September 27, 2006


A question for you all:

How much homework do your kids get?

My boy is in fourth grade and wow, they've started piling it on. Last night he had a science project/presentation to finish preparing for (due today), a book to start reading for a book report, a few pages in his math book to read, two math worksheets, spelling words to write and then write them again in detailed sentences.

I'm wondering if this is the norm or is he just unlucky, in the way that the student in a school that didn't meet accredidation (sp?) standards would be unlucky. How in god's green acres this school DID NOT meet the standards I have yet to find out...if it has to do with standardized tests I just might vomit.

In other news:
I'm supposed to be at Target right now. Buying tights. And yet, here I sit.

In other, more interesting news:
I shampooed the kid's bedroom carpets yesterday...and they came out so good I didn't want to put their furniture back in.
Wha? Not interesting enough?

Okay then, I leave you with pictures from this summer's camping trip from h.e. double hockey sticks:

Sounds from the first night. My husband called me to tell me to batten down the hatches, downpours were headed our way. So I battened and everything stayed nice and dry. With the exception of the tent. And the puddles inside I spent all night checking on an soaking up before they could hit our pillows. The glowy thing is one of those fifty cent glow sticks hooked on a zipper pull inside the tent. Best nightlite ever.

Jumping waves at Sandy Neck. It was windy and borderline cold. And naturally, this being the Cape...the water was f-f-f-f-freeezing.

It was here that another parent said to me, as we were leaving "Your kids really play well together, don't they?"

I made a comment about being lucky but really I was thinking that just maybe we could stay for another hour or ten because it was the first time they had STOPPED bickering.

Sunset, the same beach - the same day. We didn't actually stay for ten hours, we had to go back to pick up their sweatshirts they left hanging on the dune fence. This time is was the much preferred low tide and they took off running. Next year we're planning a sunset campfire on this beach...

I didn't get any good shots of the campsite, but this is the view from the site...trees, wild blueberries and huge boulders. And the site was like, the cadillac of campsites, totally huge with neighbors on one small portion. The driveway portion.

We went letterboxing for Smurfs.

And ate entirely too much ice cream.

See? Now would you look at that...I've made it so that, when I stop and try to remember how 'all done' I was with camping alone with the kids...I can't. I have wiped the memory slate clean, somehow. And next summer, no matter how many times I go back and read that archive and you all are typing comments like "Remember last year???" I will just shrug my shoulders and pack up my car.

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