Thursday, September 14, 2006

Maybe I'm just not nice

I was clicking around some blogrolls or links or something the other day and I came across a link to a story...

there's this group of moms, from I don't know where, sounds like a city - but anyway - one of them found a hat. And they posted that they found a hat on their message board (like it had been left behind at one of their outings or something...i'm hazy on the details).

She specified that it was a boy's hat and posted a photo.

An uproar. It caused an uproar. God forbid but she assigned a gender to this hat and insulted the possible little girl owner. I guess the message boards went all flooey with people typing on both sides of this "argument". One group was indignant: How dare she assume that the hat belongs to a boy and then the other side of the camp (the side of the camp I'd be squarely in) with a great big 'give me a break'.

I'm all for not hurting people's feelings on purpose. But come the hell on. Has this pc/senstivity crap sucked out people's common sense? Are we always on the verge of offending someone with innocuous small talk?

I don't go around calling someone with down's syndrome a retard. But if you do something so stupid that you should've known better...then I'll bust out the retard. Of course it's more like retahhd, but that's something else entirely. And my boy, who is short for his age...I call him a smidge. My abbreviated form of *gasp* midget.

So if we're in line together in the grocery store don't go too crazy if I try to make a comment about the weather. How'm I supposed to know that you're horribly offended by snow? And if you are...that's why they invented peapod.

Note: I found the link.

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