Friday, September 29, 2006

Rainy fridays are ususally my favorite...

No work, last day of school, not usually any hockey, no homework - not alot going on in general.

Today is, to borrow from my friend, Mr. Squarepants, Opposite Day.

I have twenty seven loads of laundry to fold, I'm meeting with the Daisy Scout Leader so we can plan for the month, pick the girlie up from school, go to BJ's for dog food and such, go to bank to get money for gas to actually get to BJ's, pick up my 4runner from the garage, take my boy for a haircut, vacuum, make dinner and then a snack for bookclub.

And then smooch on my best friend's new baby and go to book club. The last two don't really belong up there with all the others because these last two are enjoyable, especially the baby smooching.

The husband is working tomorrow so I've got early morning hockey duty, which is fine...because it's not really early morning. 8:20 a.m. ice time is practically lunch in hockeyland. Sunday he's got to be dressed and ready to skate at 5:40 a.m. and THAT is early.

Our T.V. remote is missing. Since last Sunday. You would think, the way my husband is complaining, that one of our children had been lost. I've never seen him actually LOOK for something so diligently. Every night he devotes actual time to searching a new place. HAH. I would rather D.I.E. die before I admit to him just what a pain in the ass it is, this clickerless existence.

But. Last night? My girlie woke up around midnight and I was watching Broken Flowers. I shut the movie off and notice that the VCR is still taping (Survivor is what I was taping, four hours earlier). I go and press the Power button on the VCR remote...and it shuts the TV off. I nearly jumped for joy. It's like, 15 years old and it works on the TV. Hooray! But my husband is thinking that he'll clean out under the couch and vacuum under the furniture in his quest for the I may not tell him right you blame me?

How can you not smile when you drive by a tree like this?

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