Thursday, September 07, 2006

School Daze

Hey, *knocks on monitor* you're still here? Thanks for your patience. Blogging will resume on a fairly regular basis from now on, unless... No. No unless, we jinxed ourselves last week. I won't make that mistake again.

Who am I kidding? Of course I will.

The son started school on Tuesday, he's graduated to a new school. He was more nervous than excited...but god forbid he should let on that school might actually be *gasp* okay. He rarely has anything too positive to say and yet he excels. And enjoys it. Stubborn boy.

He finished up his suggested summer reading about a month ago. But the postcard? To send to the librarian? He raced around on the first morning of school to write that paragraph.

Like mother, like son. Procastination is an art.

His bus comes at 7:30 a.m. Ugh. The bus picks him up at where our little road meets the main road and while I would love to not have to go, I just can't do it. The apron strings are like those extenda-leashes...they just keep getting longer....

I haven't gone to the bus stop in my pajamas. Yet. It's only the third day, this will all change by March.

The girlie began life at the big kid school today. An apple pinned to her shirt, a bus tag tied with yarn around her neck. She was smiling but nervous when I pulled into the parking lot in the smokin' hot (that's not the radiator I'm tawkin' about) 1985 Metallic Blue Plymouth Voyager. (it's the in-laws vehicle - mainly they use it for Home Depot trips and the dump. Oh JOY! - But it runs a heck of a lot better than the Toyota at this point so I'll shut up now).

The worst feature of the Voyager? The missing hubcap? No. The fact it's an 85 Voyager? No. It's the 'Dubya '04' sticker plastered on the back. I'm thinking of covering it tomorrow. Somethings are just to horrible to bear.

Her kindergarten teacher was my husband's first grade teacher. Which is a source of never ending joy to the girlie. I'm sure the teacher will like the daily reminder from her of just HOW LONG she has been on the job. The lady doesn't like email but she appears to still like children, which after 125 years of teaching, is admirable.

I will bore you with car talk tomorrow...There would be pictures but they are on film. My god, what a backwards transition that is. Film. And developing. Holy motherofgod. Since we're hemmoraging cash we might as well just spring for a new camera...that's not a very convincing argument is it? Still, I'm betting I can get the camera purchase approved. Don't judge, we suck with money and $300.00 plus $ATonofMoney just doesn't seem that bad anymore.

I'm eavesdropping on the firefighter's training that's taking place just outside my office door...did you know milk could be a hazardous material? Large quanitites could kill off aquatic life. Not to mention creating a chocolate chip cookie craving of epic proportions.

And on the last note, I am ready for some football. And will be cheering for whoever's playing Pittsburgh. Unless it's Indy (which I know it isn't) - because Indianapolis? Stinks.

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vw bug said...

Yaaa! Keep cheering for Miami, we need all the help we can get. And I dread those apron strings... sigh...