Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 is the new 2007

I meant to do one of those year in review posts on New Year's Eve. And then, seeing as that didn't happen, I meant to do it yesterday. And seeing as THAT didn't happen:


I posted more than I did in 06 - so that was something.

January, was cold. Damn cold. Which, funnily enough - I love. And so do our friends. Also, I think this is when the mono started, reason number 765 why I love this blog.

February came and made me shiver, with every paper I delivered. Bad news on the doorstep...
Sorry, that's not me. But this is.

In March we were all about the hockey. When aren't I all about the hockey?

Probably when I'm all about the dog. April also saw the end of the daisy scout year. If you've been reading and wondering if the girlie signed on for Brownie scouts? That'd be a no.

May was fun - I had a birthday AND did a meme, multitasking at its finest and my husband's boss was on trial for federal highway fraud and conspiracy. See? Fun.

In June I unveiled my neuroses. Or neurosi? Never you mind, it's just one of many. I also tried my hand at embroidery. Embroidery with profanity.

I had some trouble with math in July. Well, actually that happens way more often than that but I was crafty enough to work it into the title of a post in July. And even though there was a slight delay, I was able to read my beloved Harry Potter in one sitting.

2007 was also the year of the root canal. Soon to be found on chinese restaurant placemats everywhere. In August he had his teeth rebuilt and looked like my boy again. I also met a very nice mamabear that month.

September brings school and more importantly football and even more importantly PATRIOTS football. And it turns out I needn't have worried about the MFY and my football wish, it freaking came true. Oh, plus we got a new addition to the family. I still can't believe I bought that thing in September.

October was the month of sleep deprivation and Red Sox obsesssion.

NaBloPoMo was fun, then it wasn't - I'm not a fan of commitments, even self imposed blog style commitments. It was easy and then not. There was a bit more Sox and a more than a few skimpy posts.

Do I need to recap a month that just ended two days ago? Yeah, I didn't think so.


Jennifer said...

Wonderful post! Happy New Year!

~**Dawn**~ said...

The constant appearance of Patriots & Red Sox would have made me think this was *my* year in review, if not for the mention of your kids! LOL