Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am so glad my work week is winding down. Yesterday was one of the WORST days I've had there.

Imagine, getting to watch a tape of a televised meeting while someone stands next to you, defending what she said and in defending it is heavy handidly trying to get you to agree and absolve her

See? That wasn't bad was it? I only said xxx because, wait, listen to what C. says now.

All the while we're watching this meeting and C. is getting the bum's rush from this lady...guess who's in the office next door? C.'s WIFE. Who I happen to like. Alot.

Plus, a co-worker quit as a result of that meeting. Leaving the number of office staff cut squarely in half. From 2 to 1. That one being me.

But I'm not going back there until next week and the hubub should've died down by then. There is much drama in the hockey group too but we are distancing ourselves from it all. Duck and cover. It doesn't involve us but we are being reported to by both bickering parties. Not fun.


Somehow, with all this drama (we're not even mentioning the household finance dramafest of 2008) - none of it positive - I am positively okay. Chipper, even.

I'm trolling for a new crafty project, I've got a few ideas in mind but need to be able to get motiviated after the kids bedtime, which is proving difficult.

Not that I'm blaming Cesar Milan or anything but could that show be any MORE watchable?


SneakyPeek said...

Chipper eh?
I could use some of that.

Amy said...

Wow. Lots of things going on. At work, at home, at play. Yow.Za. Glad you're staying positive.

Casear the dog whisperer guy? i watched him for awhile until I realized he just IS part dog and nothing he said or did worked with MY dog (or more correctly with me) so I had to quit.

Oh, and if you're not talking about that Casear then forgive me. Disregard all of the above.

(Go Pats!)

Amy said...

Hey!! No post about the Pats?! You're just still so excited that you can't speak, right?! I know, I know!! I was so happy!! And can I just say I think I even cheered just a smidge against the Colts today. Awww, poor Peyton, he won't get trounced by the Pats next week. And his little brother got further than he did. Awww...